Finally a photo search, which works!

From the people who did it -

We want to begin a conversation with you about the next generation of photo search.
We started this company after realizing that we had 1000's of digital photos on our computer all labeled DSC0009.jpg, that our friends just never remembered to send us the photos we wanted from them, and that searching for images on the web just doesn't work very well.

We are a group of determined face recognition and text recognition researchersengineers who believe it is time for a new type of photo search that uses technology to look inside and automatically tag photos. We hope this will revolutionize how people "see" the world.
I am really looking forward to this. I guess we all would.
P.S - (They also have a dev center @ Bangalore and are looking for
experts in computer vision, data mining, machine learning, image processing or in a similar areas)


  1. hi!
    First thing which I can utter after reading your blog is 'amazing'......I am impressed. I have done some work on Image Processing, but guess whatever I did is too low when compared to the work done by you guys.

    Hope the algorithm takes lesser than the expected time, b'coz for me the speed of the computer was the biggest constraint.

    Anyways, keep the good work going.


  2. Hi Sarsij,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Actually, I am not the one behind this - I just happened to be the messenger :)
    Lets see how this comes up. I think this has huge potential.