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Should I? Should I not?

I dont remember how long I have asked that question myself about beginning to write. And I am sure that's a question lot of us ask. In different contexts and almost indefinitely each time. Everyone learned out there asks not to contemplate - but to plunge and try and actually see what happens. The fear of unknown is what holds us. Everytime.

And though everyone of use decides to try it next time, we almost without exception fail to translate thought into action. I have come to be believe that most often the reason why people fail is they have never tried!

Its easy to tell someone that they should try, I know its not easy. The way life has been explained to us from our childhood makes us believe that its a race. Race where everyone is running and we have to come first. And by instinct we know this is not true. But we seldom dare to question. After all, we see sparks of success around and not a galaxy. So we land up with lots of fears. Fear of failure. Fear of being proved foolish. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of fear! So we don't dare. Because we think noone cares. But that's the catch. Since no-one actually cares, we should be happy doing what we want to do. Interesting paradox.

But life by its nature is meant to be simple, without paradoxes. Which means one of our assumptions is wrong.

I guess its best to leave the judgement to time and just take the plunge. After all, its always good to try & fail and say I did, rather than sigh and say I could.

I have a quotation-calendar at my table. It fell down accidentally. And the first quotation that I saw when I put it back was "All glory comes from daring to begin."

Was it really by chance?

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  1. A nice article indeed. I am wondering, all beginners do start like these posts. Contemplating, starting and then , motivating others for the same. :)