Protect thy work...

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We all knew that plagiarism exists. Everywhere. Right from "Mere rang mein..." being "inspired" by "Final countdown...", to this recent case where one of fellow bloggers Shilpa's blog was the source of inspiration.
Kudos to Shilpa for not keeping silent and making all of us aware of this crime - which some think can be committed and still get away scot free.

So how do we protect ourselves?

Here is one instrument/tool I found out sometime back. This is called ESBN. To put is simply ESBN is like digital ISBN (ISBN uniquely identifies a book if you are not aware already).
To quote from them - assigns Numly Numbers (Electronic Serial Numbers / ESNs) for all things digital. These unique identifiers provide digital rights management capabilities as well as third-party, non-repudiation measures for proof of copyright via real-time verifications. Numly Numbers are simple and quick to generate. They act as an electronic timestamp for copyright purposes. They can also be used to digitally certify email. They also allow you to track content viewership, monitor ratings, and can be used as permalinks.
Detailed info can also be found here.

I would encourage you to start using ESBN to protect thy intellectual work (though it could just be random ramblings like mine, but heck - my rambling is my rambling and I will protect it ;))


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