Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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I was looking for few articles to prepare for my training session on coding discipline @ Proteans which I have to take for a bunch of exciting minds who are about to start their career here. I need not say that in software industry (I mean those who write software), this discipline though should be as "ubiquitous" as common sense, it's as scarce as common sense*. Well, that could be part of another post on its own, so later.

Coming back to context - I came across this interesting article by Pete Brown - interesting part comes later in the article where he talks about "Why Hungarian Has Fallen Out of Favor with .NET" (in the first part he has provided a snapshot of prevalent conventions which is also very good) . Do read through this when you get a chance.

Pete has also recommended using Andale Mono (from Micrsft) as font in Visual Studio, which can be found here.
And later found this new font Consolas from Micrsft again.
Christoph Wille has posted screenshots using this here.

Have fun :)

* Disclaimer - I am not referring to any individual/company - this is just my observation and I could be wrong ;). Any rememblance with any one is purely coincidental. Blah, blah, blah - I hope this would save me from being sued.


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