Have I become too soft...

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I guess it happens as we grow up. I still remember as a kid we used to make fun of our aunts while watching a tear-jerker movie.
Somehow they seem to have an uncontrollable, on demand store of salty water which they could liberally shed on something remotely emotional happening on screen. I never thought that one day I will have similar urge to shed a tear.

Happened to me while watching the awards being given to our brave soldiers on Republic Day - posthumously. As the narrator started describing their act of bravery and self sacrifice, something happened to my hormonal balance. I had this heart crushing feeling, as I watched their kin - fathers, wives standing in silence, sobbing silently remembering their loss, I felt connected with their souls. And my barrier of control gave in to uncontrollable flow of tears.

It was an extreme feeling, mix of emotions - profound gratitude to the exemplary acts of valour which ensures day in and day out that we are safe, rage over the stupidity of human race to be able to commit such acts against kin, sadness for not doing anything, living a life of comfort with little thought to the people guarding us...

I wish when we crib about a zillion things in our cushioned life, we could remember that there are people giving everything they have for the safety of our nation and us. And in return, they and their families often end up with National Flag and a certificate... We never can even feel what they go through.

I salute these brave souls. Thank you Indian Army, Navy & Air Force - and all our armed forces who have time and again kept the nation ahead of individuals and ensured that our flag keeps flying high, and we still breathe in a free nation!


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