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We all sometime fall in love 
And often we complain 
That though love is beautiful 
Yet it gives us pain 

I've done this before 
But now I can see 
It was something not real 
Just imagination by me 

Often in love we do not think 
We keep ourselves down to earth 
We let ourselves be too humble 
We just hide what we are worth 

But never a relation has been made 
In which people do not share 
The same level of relation 
Similar aspirations, affections and care 

We feel pain when the other one never responds 
When our Love does not feel 
But, dear, when at different levels 
Everything remains in a veil 

So first thing in a relation 
We must always remember 
Is being at par 
A relation peer to peer 

Expectations are yet another 
Cause of severe heart pain 
We expect from other so much 
But everything seems in vain 

But seldom we sit to think 
That we can be expected too 
That we are not fulfilling 
What someone wishes us to do 

And often we fail to acknowledge 
Little deeds of care 
We forget to thank 
Thinking them as mere 

But we must never forget that 
A word of thanks can do wonder 
Words spoken by heart 
Always cause emotions tender 

Love always gives dignity 
Love gives one power immense 
True love is never a pain 
Though in love, there may be moments tense 

True love is a joy 
But remember, in love do not fall 
Rise in love, love is for rising 
Grow in love to heights tall 

Let your love flow freely 
Never confining in expectations 
The joy lies in inexpressible feelings 
Eyes conveying speechless confessions 

When you love some one 
Just love truly without any bound 
And ask your sweetheart to tread softly 
Because your dreams lie all around 

We start love as a emotion 
But follow it like a chore 
No, love has no definitions 
Not confined in words, it is much more 

When we say love can only be felt 
Why do we confine it to some words 
Spoken by some other person 
Why not let our souls fly like birds 

Love is not mathematics 
2+2 may not be four 
Love is beyond all arts 
You just let your hearts pour 

When we love someone truly be heart 
We must remember in our soul 
Though love may not always be acknowledged 
But then acknowledgement is not our goal 

Love is really generous 
It enlightens the soul of the giver 
More than it does 
Enriching the heart of the receiver 

One must be in love 
May be for once only 
Because love makes hearts beautiful 
It makes heart houses homely 

Even the love that is not acknowledged 
Does beautifies our soul 
It gets us together 
Only in love we are one whole 

The I in I love you 
Is never so personally said 
Otherwise spoken it is ego 
Here it gets hearts wed 

So do not fear to love people 
Because though love is not always what they return 
But joys & smiles that you spread by loving 
All echo silently that hearts have been won!


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