My Trysts with Skin Woes

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Acne and pimples are a common household problem. Probably one of the worst nightmares of a teenager is that little profusion on the skin which pains, sometimes oozes and generally makes life miserable.
We all have seen this, few more than others at various time. Multani mitti, purple medicine on it, haldi, frequent face washing - all these are the common remedies. They help, sometimes. They don't at others. I still remember when I was a kid and got my first pimple. It was painful and my mother, went to the neem tree, took the bark, made a paste of it and applied to my face. Though I was not sure what a tree could do, to my amazement, it did help.

As I reached my adolescent years, having oily skin and living in a hot city did not help. Hot summers only aggravated the problem for me. Neither was the fact that my city had lot of dust. And pimples used to come and go.

Neem helped when it was available. But it was a cumbersome process. And I was lazy. When I moved out of city for education it was not possible for me to try the home remedies any more.

And then I came to know about face washes. They were better than soap on my skin. Being a boy, it really was not much important, but pimples were painful. Anyways. thus my growing days it was cumbersome home remedies which saved my face to the best extent they could. I think it was a decent job :)

Multani mitti wraps, haldi enfused scrubs were something my mother used to ask me to often apply. But being the boy I was - and never really realizing the wonders of natural products, I was a skeptical child.

Nonetheless, these days when I came to know about Garnier's active neem product - - my first reaction was, this is going to definitely help people like me. Who are lazy, can't always find time and energy to make home remedies, and do not want to rely on medicines. Wonders of neem in easy to apply way - what more a lazy person can ask for!

Garnier's product serves multiple purposes - it washes, cleans, removes germs and bacteria, removes excess oil and generally takes good care of the skin. It is mild on skin and has the wonderful properties of Neem extracts and Tree tea oil extracts. It may be a product designed for women, but I think all skins can benefit from it irrespective of gender :)

I will try it for sure. Would you?

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