This is the poem I wrote for the 'raindrop challenge' by papercut on AllPoetry.com. Thought that I should share it with my poetic friends to know what they think about it...

Deep from the sea I started
The voyage to eternity
And high n' high I went up
Drawn to sky by affinity
Up on the top I realized
Its not in having reached,
But in reaching the joy lies
And I started back,
Back to home, down to earth,
Its being in use lies worth,
I thought,
And as a tiny drop, dipped on a tree.
But being dew, the joy of sight,
Was not I aspired,
So jumped to this leaf
And then on that leaf
And here on this one,
Branch to branch, drop by drop
The journey continued
And then I reached home,
My home, the cosy home,
The little home,
The vast home,
The Earth.
And as i served the tree,
On whom i travelled,
I thought,
Yes, now I am worthy,
Now I am big,
Because I have grown up,
Now I am no drop,
I am water,
Water that heals,
Water that serves.
Yes I am worthy,
Yes this is my destiny... 


  1. Beautiful, Piyush! Like the eternal journey of drop and its maturation. :)

    1. Thanks Ravish, sadly realization of destiny often happens towards the end of journey only...