Second Innings of Creating Magic...

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Okay. Here I am. After a hiatus of nearly 9 years! What made me come back - well I must admit, my better half - Roohi Bhatnagar - who is also a regular blogger.
I have been a lazy bum, her constant endeavor to  push me to use my creative streak to pen (type) few words did made me write some posts on her blog.

And I am glad I did.

For ol' habits die hard (they actually don't). Somewhere inside me that urge to tell the world my story had not died. There are many things I have been and I will be. But a writer, a man of words in literal sense, is something which is the core of my DNA. It used to occasionally shine between technical emails, marketing campaigns, award citations and other stuff in my work life. But mostly it was a dormant feeling. A thirst, I thought had subsided long back.

But boy, I was wrong. Once you taste the blood of writing, once your are bitten by the bug of creative metamorphosis, you realize that the process is first and foremost a cathartic one, which cleans your soul and helps you be a better person in the course. There is no turning back. You need to write. If there is no reason, you will create one. But you will. It is addictive. It is probably one of the cheapest way to get high - and be high for a long period of time. For the effect of written word lingers in the air long after it has been written and the author forgotten. Once you write you realize that the forms taken by the word, the world never cease to amaze you.

So here I am drunk heavy on thoughts and expressions. Words waiting to burst out of me.

There is nothing random in life - science tells us that true random is impossible. However the illusion that few things in life happen by chance is a lovely mirage. That is what I probably will write about. The mirages we create, the horizons we seek.

For I am naught, but a traveler in this journey of self discovery. Destination does not matter. Might be possible that I never reach. But then, I am in not for arriving, but for the going.

Thanks my love, for rekindling the joy of writing. I will not let the fire dwindle this time.

Ellipsis is my favorite punctuation - denotes continuation... And this blog continuation of my unfinished story...

Probably the laws of Physics do not apply to words. For they create energy out of nothing. They lead to action. The art of creating magic from mere words is nothing but pure romance between the writer and the reader. I am all game for this second innings of creating magic!


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