Take time to love...

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A heart content with happiness,
A life full of joy.
Few moments to cherish,
Few love-treasures to call My.
Can it not happen, can it not occur?
Why does world so much suffer?

Though joys are what which make us laugh
Shouldn't we accept pains on others' behalf
True, we can't be all Altruist
But are we really required to be a Saint?
Few words of love, love is what always meant.

Is it so difficult to love, so easy to hate?
Is hatred, and hatred means to be our fate?
Love is so easy to give, so easy to share
But of hatred & jealousy, we take better care.

But I think this shall not prevail,
Love will triumph, hatred will fail
Just take time to laugh,
Spread the virus of smile
Take time to love
Things aside while.

Make somebody's day, by that word of care
And do by heart pray that we let loves share
This love and smile infection will for sure spread
Walk one step for friendship, others will move two ahead

This world of love that we dream,
This way will not impossible seem
These seeds of love we sow today
Shall fill warmth & smiles in each coming day!


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