The Indian "Bolt"

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It is no longer news that Tata Motors has launched is much awaited hatchback - "Bolt". The sharp, curvy car, with lot of character is something to be watched for if you are an auto-enthusiast - not just for the fact that it is an Indian car,
designed with International level aesthetics, but, also for the very important fact that along with its big brother Zest, it is all set for changing the generally perceived notion about cars from Tata.

I visited Bolt stall at Embassy Tech Village Bangalore on 28th January along with my wife and kid. While my role in this short trip was more of a chauffeur, and I had no intention of being blown away with a car, I must admit that I was.

For everything which has been packed up in this small form factor, Bolt is a bold style statement.

There are umpteen posts and zillion places available to talk about numbers for Bolt which in short can be summarized as below:

And if you wish to compare it against other cars in the same segment - this is a great place to start. I do not want to re-hash what has already been written, and re-written in umpteen posts about this car. I would rather talk about my first look opinion about Bolt.

1. Looks
It is jazzy, it is fresh, it is a HUGE positive uplift from the cabby looks of Vista and other Tata hatchbacks. You would not mind showing off in this car and can certainly impress your date with its various features.

2. Multi Drive Technology
The multi-drive technology which Tata has been revving a lot, is interesting feature, but has been getting mixed reviews. I am yet to take a test-drive to assert the claim, but people are saying that in terms of drivablity, there is not much noticeable difference. That being said, it is still a feature not to be seen in this segment and I hope that from its current debut infant stage, it will improve in variants to come.

3. Boot-Space
Good boot-space (more than my Swift's), split fold-able rear seat and overall good leg space makes it a spacious car.

4. Rear Split Seat
Split rear seat is indeed interesting feature as it lets you extend your boot-space should you be traveling in a smaller group, but need more space to carry stuff like baby-prams.

5. Dual Front Airbags
With such power under the pedal, it is pertinent that the car is loaded with safety features to prevent fatality - and indeed Bolt comes loaded with dual front airbags to cushion the impact of frontal collision - both for driver and co-passenger.

Pumping brakes when you are driving high speed is a very special acquired skill, but thanks to advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control, all you need to do is brake hard when you need to. Drive safe!

7. Smart Phone Enabled Navigation
Use your android phone coupled with navigation system and never get lost while driving Bolt! This feature is in collaboration with MapMyIndia.

8. Miscellaneous
Top variant is loaded with all bells and whistles one can imagine, including automatic climate control, steering mounted ICE controls, touch screen infotainment system, bluetooth conferance call, sms notification, SD card reader, voice command recognition, boot lap, one shot power down, rear defogger, rear wiper, permetric alarm to name a few. In short you will not feel anything missing should you decide to shell out the money for the top-end model.

Am I in love with this car? Probably not, I love my Swift :). But am I ready for an affair? Hell yes, Bolt does piques my interest and is something I will be willing to try. A feminine name probably would have made it sexier ;).

I am not sure if Ussain Bolt is any inspiration for the name, but irrespective of that, it does resonate the vish, vash, vrooooooooom! As Tatas are saying - Get... Set... Bolt!

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