The car, the 4-wheeled vehicle, meant for ferrying a group of people - this has now come to be intrinsic part of urban life.
I have been dwelling over this for some time. I think it is time that I confess about the second women in my life.
It is funny how our aspirations and things which give us satisfaction, pleasure and that aha moment, change as we grow.
Brilliant, beautiful, bold, sexy, lovely to behold, lovelier to hold, drool-worthy, smart, honest.
I wish this screen on which you are reading this post, was fluid
For it needs to stretch infinitely to accommodate what I need to say to express my love for you
The mega-pixels possibly cannot show the detail of the color of my heart
Or the depth of my feeling
P2PBS - (Peer to Peer Buying/Selling - what did you think BS was ;) - has come a long way. There was a time when you wanted to sell something used, the only way was word of mouth, friends, relatives or exchange in some cases.
Roohi and I are now married for 6+ years. And we have seen best of times, and we have seen worst of times. In ups and downs, in high and lows, in crest and troughs of life, one thing which has always been constant is our constant desire to surprise each other.