Car Upgrade the Quikr Way

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The car, the 4-wheeled vehicle, meant for ferrying a group of people - this has now come to be intrinsic part of urban life.
When I was a kid, it was luxury for the elite few. Not any more in these times where it has come to become a necessity.

I am not an auto-enthusiast, but yes, over years of driving, I have come to like the act of driving, provided I am driving on good roads with sensible traffic. Unfortunately that is something I do not get to experience that often, thanks to the Great Mad Indian Traffic. Maneuvering my car through the thick and thins of Bangalore traffic has obviated the need for me to play video games. The skills, the rush and the adrenalin pump, is the same you would experience in a video game.

When I started driving, I never thought that I will actually end up liking it. When I bought my first car, I thought given my nature, this is "the one" I will drive happily ever after. I have a friend who is an auto-enthusiast and has been driving since forever. When he changed his car, again, I told him I found it unfathomable why would anyone want to change a perfectly good looking, well-oiled car! I added that I will never do it. But being the wise man he is, he quipped that as I continue to drive, I will outgrow my car's capabilities. That I will silently start craving for more horse-power, smoother engine, better gear shift, better ICE (in-car-entertainment), in short, better everything.

Boy, he was right. I feel that I am reaching that cusp he predicted. The time when though everything on the surface looks alright, I know in my heart that there is more to than what meets eye. I am spending more time ogling at other newer cars. My head is beginning to turn when I notice a 4-wheeled beauty. I am not yet reached the stage where I would crave for changing my car, yet, I now can imagine that transaction happening.

Being a techie, internet & app-junkie - and the fact that I am a lazy bum, I think when I do decide to upgrade my car, I would use a service like Quikr. Person-to-person buying-selling is coming of age. The traditional way of selling was either going through your service agent, letting him know that you are willing to sell your car so that he can pass on the word to his other clients. Or the other route of letting friends, family, kin, colleagues know about your intent to sell, hoping that the word of mouth will spread and fetch you a buyer. The reach of this medium was obviously limited.

Quikr with its idea of directly connecting potential buyers with sellers for their used goods has been a disruptive platform. And with the app which resides on the ubiquitous mobile phone, the reach of your advertisement is unprecedented.

Given the anonymous, non-intrusive chat feature in the app, it is natural that it will be my first choice as platform to sell my old car. I don't even need to get evaluation of my car done, as Quikr is capable of telling MSP (Maximum Selling Price), another Quikr innovation. With an idea of how much I can get for my car, I will post the ad with pics of my car and other details required by any potential buyer.

I have always worried about getting spurious calls in response to such ads (erstwhile classifieds). That was my biggest barrier for me to even think of posting one. However the amazing folks at Quikr have created the QuikrNxt platform to address this very issue with such transactions. This has removed the biggest barrier in these transactions - unwanted calls or spam calls. Since I can communicate with the potential buyer over chat without revealing my contact details, I guess this is the best platform to sell, not just car, but pretty much anything and everything!

Thus armed with my QuikrNxt app on my smart-phone, I will be ready to engage with any potential buyer for any reasonable question. I will copy, I will paste, leveraging the power of mobile computing. And yes, if the person does not seem genuine, I will also use the block feature to prevent him/her to bother me. Isn't it the best possible way of selling?

And thus having sold mine, I will use the same app to search for my next car. With limited budget and people's penchant for replacing their good cars, I think it will not be too difficult to find one. After all, Quikr is there to help!

The world is a huge place and one person's burden or waste could be other person's desire. I guess Quikr is doing a fantastic job playing the cupid or the match-maker between the two!


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