I would, if I could...

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I wish this screen on which you are reading this post, was fluid
For it needs to stretch infinitely to accommodate what I need to say to express my love for you
The mega-pixels possibly cannot show the detail of the color of my heart
Or the depth of my feeling

I am afraid, conlangers are yet to create the language which is expressive enough
Yet, I feel that could be the one with 3 words - "I Love You" - and it will be complete

I now know how drunk I am on my feelings for you,
For, I was writing poetry which became prose, and yet it is poetic again
Such a creation is not possible for those sober
For, the rules of Grammar self consciousness of thought will make them stop
Suddenly everything is hazy, yet everything is clear as a drop

And yet I feel that was not preamble enough my love, and I must tell you more
Tell you that in the chimes of wind, in the chirps of birds, in the buzz of the bees, in the sway of the trees, in the coo of the doves, in the ripples of water, in the chirr of the grasshoppeers -
I hear only one thing, and it is sound of nature
Nature which tells me I am in love, it is the sound of love

And yet, I feel I must do something. Or nothing. Or everything.
And yet, I feel I must be something. Or nothing. Or everything.
And yet, I feel I must say something. Or nothing. Or everything.

What can I do, be or say - for infinite is yet undefined
In this moment of love, connection I feel is just divine.

But, the world as worldly it is - I must tell you
That I will dance, and dance madly - if that is what you want
That I will sing, and sing gladly - if that is what you want
That I will write, and write glibly - if that is what you want
For I am not only in love, I am mad in love
And the mad lover I am, knows no inhibitions

And just how mad I am - I must tell you
If it was possible, I will take you to the middle of India-Pakistan world cup match
The match when the world stops and nervously awaits for each ball and each shot
When it is at climax 
In the middle of the stadium when the world watches
And 2 billion people await for the next moment
If it was possible, I will freeze that moment
And I will propose you, with my awkward lines
And yes, I will not forget that ring you liked

And live on television, I will be there, on my knee asking -

Will you be my Valentine - now, and forever?

Why will I do all this, because I love you baby and love has no reason, 
And I hope, you will say yes, and will accept this new expression of the season!


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