Little dreams, Big hopes, Lotsa love...

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It is funny how our aspirations and things which give us satisfaction, pleasure and that aha moment, change as we grow.
There are things we want so much that it sometimes feel our heart will explode with the desire.

And yet, with time, few desires are forgotten.

And yet, with time, few desires  are etched in heart.

We all have that secret wishlist of things we have always wanted to do. The idea that this list can actually be materialized is very romantic. Mere thinking about it, mere day dreaming that the list can be accomplished gives me goose-bumps.

Circumstances, finance, responsibilities - there are many constraints in this world of ours which prevent us from acting upon this list of ours. Yet, in few lone moments, in some time stolen in contemplation, in those minutes snatched between changing trains, traveling in bus, standing in queue, waiting for someone, life often catches us unguarded where the urge to see some of those items from the list materialized before us leaves a shooting pain the heart.

What if, there was a way to make this real? What if, the desires could give way to dreams which could be seen metamorphosing into reality in this very life?

What will I want to do if that was possible?

#1 - Touch the world
I guess first thing which comes to my mind is having power to touch few souls in this world with acts of kindness. I am not talking about charity here. I am not talking about the self-gratification over helping under-privileged. I don't believe in pity for, life is far too valuable to pitied in any form. I mean a way in which I could spend time with common people talking about nothing, talking about everything in this world - in various parts of the world. I would like to speak to the bushmen of Kalahari, I would love to talk to the native Americans, I would love to mingle with the Irishmen, the Italians, the Mexicans, the South East Asians. In short, I would love to travel, experience the culture first hand, and in return touch few souls with kind words and conversations.

#2. Own a Library
When I was a kid (not that I have grown much now :D), buying books of all sorts was my dream. I always loved books even when I could not read. My fascination with the printed letter borders on the verge of OCD. I have been lucky enough to get scholarships during my school years and I spent all that money on books. Neatly stacked books, categorized with seemingly never ending shelves - that i what I want to be able to own. Who knows, if I have to time travel and use the books in the shelves to communicate back to my daughter using my watch controlled by moving books in shelves, across space-time continuum (my Intersteller fantasy)?

#3. Space Travel
That brings me to my next fascination. I would like to travel in outer space and get an outsider's view of our beautiful planet. I would like to see what Martians see when they look at our tiny world. That endless void, that abyss, I somehow feel, in spite of its loneliness can be a fantastic venue for creativity.

#4. Play with Flavors
I am a foodie. I love to taste flavors of the world. And I love to cook also. If I could, I would love to taste exotic dishes while I travel around the world and setup a modern, fully equipped kitchen to experiment with flavors in my own time!

#5. Farm
I am an ardent lover of nature. Trees, breeze, water bodies, flowers - any touch of nature just soothes my heart, always. If given a chance, it is my dream to setup a farm and a garden of my own where I can grow my own food. And of course it has to be close to a natural flowing water source and in a generally a place with excellent weather. Not too much to ask for, isn't it?

There are many other things which I want to do including, getting rid of corruption, taking my lovely wife for a tour of Venice, learning to dance like Hrithik, learning to play guitar, raising my daughter with good values, seeing her eat real food, and of course, the world peace - the list goes on and on. Some of these are things many of us desire.

This list here, thanks to IDBI Insurance also captures some things of desire I did not mention.

I know in my heart, while I may not be able to see many of these things accomplished, a few I will for sure. You know what, with my soul mate by my side, actually most of it looks possible. I also know one thing, whether or not the list gets materialized, I do want to live a life free of stress, knowing I have made sure that my family will be well taken care of. I guess this video captures the desire -

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