Pursuit of #UnconditionalLove

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Brilliant, beautiful, bold, sexy, lovely to behold, lovelier to hold, drool-worthy, smart, honest.

That is probably the dream list of attributes we homo-sapiens seek in their partners. That seems like a long impossible Utopian list. But looks like, this year, there is an opportunity for all of us to live this fantasy.

The Asus Zenfone.

It nearly is everything we could hope for in the perfect partner. And it will listen to your whims and do what you want to when you want it to do. I guess there probably cannot be anything more perfect.

Our world at various times has been dominated by one or the other element (element from the good ol' Periodic Table - those with interest in chemistry - the theoretical one ;), do check that link). First it was iron, then its variant steel. Gold, copper, silver continue to have their dominance even today. However one really ubiquitous thing - sand - has come to transform our world today, albeit in a different form - silicon. It will not be exaggeration to say that our world today revolves around semi-conductors and products based on the same. This semi-conductor invasion in the form of omnipresent electronics all around us is now so much part of our world that we do not even realize how surrounded are we with gadgets powered by silica!

The innovation in this field is really mind blowing. Engineers are packing more power per sq. nano-meter (or whatever the minuscule unit is!) than ever. What was not even thinkable with a biscuit sized chip, is now happening with a much smaller stamp sized. Processors have arrived with such an efficient heat sink that machines do not even need a fan to cool down. In other words they are super cool. And while hardware is evolving, software is evolving faster. Mobile phone is almost equivalent to personal computer. My phone today has more processing power, more RAM and more hard-disk (permanent memory) than my first computer!

As the wise Stan Lee has said, "With great power come great responsibility."

And with the power of micro-electronics and brilliant mobile operating systems like Android, phone manufacturers have been presented with more raw power to harness and create beautiful products.

Product like Asus Zenfone.

The Zenfone - the Red Dot product design 2014 winner is the brand new kid on the block from Asus's smart phone family. The sleek ergonomic design, the vibrant colors, lower aluminum edge and a range to fit all pockets - I guess Asus's Zenfone family is sheer work of brilliance.

I do not own one (yet). But when I checked the specs, the pics and read more about it, I have been intrigued ever since. There are many reasons why you would want to own one. My top five ones, in reverse order are -

5. It is schizophrenic

Asus Zenfone can exhibit dual personality. It is dual sim enabled. This means you can keep your official sim and personal sim side-by-side. This also means you can enjoy phone's mood swings like your girl-friend's ;)

4.  It can do multiple things all at once

With Intel Atom processor having hyper-threading technology Zenfone can open your web pages faster, while checking your emails in the background as you are playing that favorite game of yours in foreground - all without blinking a bit. Isn't that amazing?

3. Corning Gorilla Glass

While this is not present in the lowest variant, since I have butter fingers, I do appreciate this feature on Zenfone 5 & 6 which prevents accidental scratches your screen is smooth, shiny for a longer time.

2. It can Yap longer

Boy it can talk - and for 18 hours for Zenfone 5 & 28 hours for Zenfone 6 at a stretch! Thanks to its amazing battery, it really can keep you hooked for a "loooooooong" time. (Does it remind you of your girl-friend, again?)

1. It is beautiful & usable

The RedDot award says it all. It is super ergonomic, easy to use. It has concentric circle finish with a fine texture and aluminum edge - all give it a premium finish, making it owner's pride and envy of others. Real eye-candy, but beauty with brains.

Okay, okay I said five - but there is one more I must say -

0. It will shower #UnconditionalLove

In spite of having all the attributes of right date, it is low maintenance and would not demand much from you, except that occasional re-charge to satiate is very little hunger of battery.

I guess these are enough reasons which make the Asus Zenfone the ideal Valentine. Who would not want to be showered by such  #UnconditionalLove?

If you are still not convinced, watch this #UnconditionalLove Advert -


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