The Minions' Love Story

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Roohi and I are now married for 6+ years. And we have seen best of times, and we have seen worst of times. In ups and downs, in high and lows, in crest and troughs of life, one thing which has always been constant is our constant desire to surprise each other.

I said desire, because we often plan elaborate in our minds, but execution is where I have missed many a times in past. In so many years, Roohi has kind of come to terms with the fact that I am not good at keeping secrets from her to surprise her.

But not this time. The opportunity for #CupidGames was too good to resist. It first sounded like a wacky idea - who in their normal senses would dress funny, land up in their spouse's office, secretly plot with spouse's colleagues, decorate the floor, buy rings, put in a fruit - all without letting the better half know?

I did.

With the help of colleagues and friends, I decorated the office with Minions - Roohi's favorite cartoon characters. Bought rings from BlueStone, kept in Bananas (Minions love Bananas after all!) and arranged to have it kept at her desk. And then dressed like Gru with muffler and, well, am not bald luckily :D, so hat covering the hair.

Rest as they say, is statistics -

Bananas - Rs. 25
Decoration - Rs. 500
Rings - $$$$$
Roohi's Reaction - Priceless

Here is the amateur Youtube video shot capturing those precious moments!

This blog post is in response for #CupidGames challenge.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to Roohi, Pihu & Piyush is true.


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