The QuikrNXT Advantage

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P2PBS - (Peer to Peer Buying/Selling - what did you think BS was ;) - has come a long way. There was a time when you wanted to sell something used, the only way was word of mouth, friends, relatives or exchange in some cases.
In almost all cases you never got true value of the item you were parting with. And posting classified was a costly affair.

Not any more. Portals like Quikr have totally transformed how these person to person transactions now happen. We all are familiar with the concept, so I would not harp much about it - it is as simple as posting a classified online. With easy search mechanisms and more than ever availability of potential buyers, selling good ol' stuff has never been so rewarding and easy. You already had the mangoes, and now you are getting benefited from the kernel (derived from famous Hindi proverb - आम के आम, गुठलियों के दाम).

Another factor helping the phenomenal growth and reach of Quikr, is not just the catchy ads – but also the fact that our shopping paradigms are changing. We no longer shop for the need, but by the desire. Our paying capacity has dramatically increased thanks to financial reforms and IT boom over last couple of years. And with liberalization regime we have never before choice of stuff in everything – from toothpaste to diamond ring. The invasion of internet has helped take this factor to the next level – previously the choice was in a store and dependent on the sales affiliations the store had – now the store comes to you – and has anyone and everyone affiliated to it for, everyone wants to reach that next happy mouse-clicker who will purchase the next item.

After computer based (browser based) form factors of sites like Quikr, going for the next device – mobile is a natural move. Cheap smartphones and internet plans have brought internet to almost every Indian. It has been reported in various media that of total internet traffic in India, nearly 70% is driven from mobile devices including tablets.

That is a HUGE share by any metric and is only going to grow in times to come! In this context the new app from Quikr, dubber QuikrNXT, with ability to chat between seller and potential buyers is a tremendous step forward. Quikr is also bundling many interesting feature in this latest avatar of their platform. Following is the list borrowed from their app description from Play store –

1.      QuikrNXT is platform agnostic and works across all Quikr form factors – app, mobile site and desktop site.
2.      Private listing where mobile number can be hidden giving you privacy, while still connecting with potential buyers via chat. Furthermore, you can have multiple parallel chat sessions.
3.      Notifications for offline consumers to reconnect on chat when available is a good feature.
4.      Content of chat gets saved for reference and conversations can be resumed. Unwanted conversations can be deleted and even blocked.
5.      Lastly sharing of images and chat allows to share further information about the listing.

That is an impressive list. But I guess for me the ability of chat over voice is very crucial and path breaking feature. Why?

1. I can choose to be more anonymous than what voice allows
Before the arrival of QuickNXT, the choice of communication was real-time call OR passive email. Chat is rightly placed in between the 2 ends of this spectrum.

2. Easier to communicate with multiple people simultaneously with multiple chats - not possible with calls
I can copy paste stuff, and parallel converse with multiple buyers, unlike voice where I need to deal strictly in singular fashion.

3. Archival
While I can always record a call - it is more cumbersome and difficult to recall and requires more of precious real-estate on phone. Chat archival is easy and makes sure that negotiations also get recorded.

I guess enough reasons to install QuikrNXT and Sell anything Quikrrrr


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