India, and we Indians in particular have been writing and re-writing the magical growth story of a nation. In last couple of years, our little sub-continent has dramatically metamorphosed from a cocoon of inhibitions to the free spirit of butterfly which has just begun to spread its wings.
I am a man of my words. Since my marriage to my wife, I have tried and have been successful in keeping all my promises I made to her. Be it taking her to an international trip, buying her diamonds, buying her a house, be a good father to our daughter almost everything.
Someone said that happiness is an elusive thing, just like a butterfly. The more we chase it, the more out of reach it seems. Yet, when we sit silent and soak the beauty of nature, it perches itself innocently on our shoulders. I guess all of us have felt this nature of happiness.
Love has strange ways of manifesting itself, demonstrating how true joy emanates from two souls being together which were meant to be together. It never ceases to surprises us.
I come from a big joint family. I spent major time of my childhood in the same small city, Gwalior. We lived in the old town, meaning that the neighborhood was typical with houses joined wall-to-wall, showing signs of zero planning and haphazard development.
Life has strange ways. Just when you think everything is fine, going your way and the world is yours to conquer, it flips something and the world comes crashing down in seconds.
I am the father of a 2 year old power-house of a daughter. If energy were ever to take some material form, I guess it will be in the form of my child.
Sometimes I feel that the choice and the free spirit which has been embedded in us by the power beyond us, is probably the only right thing about this world.
Ever since I gained consciousness and got acquainted with comics and super-heroes, I have always fantasized to be one.
Our evolution as human beings is guided by several forces in our early years.