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Love has strange ways of manifesting itself, demonstrating how true joy emanates from two souls being together which were meant to be together. It never ceases to surprises us.
When the usual rigamarole of life grabs us by the neck, when the routines gets tough and tougher to get through, when, you feel that life is a pain - just at that moment, life manages to send a signal in the form of something, or someone.

Working in an IT industry has its own perks. At the same time it also comes with its own pains and disappointments. Work is mental, which means that the rough phases one goes through are felt more strongly through the heart in this industry. As we progress in career, we learn to deal and cope up with this stress in various ways. Yet when such situation arises, I guess we all wish, if only someone could come and sweep us away from the agony of the moment.

Then there are days which are not particularly bad, but just are dull. Yet, they often tax the mind more severely and frequently. On such dreary days, meeting a friend, talking to someone about something other than work is like a breath of fresh air, like the touch of rain water on sun-parched skin in desert. The feeling can probably be never described in words. Such chance encounters provide us the necessary recharge we need to keep ourselves sane, engaged and productive. It gives the respite our souls need in the rush our to sustain through the adrenalin rush of stress induced productivity. It frees our spirits for a brief moment and helps us regain a bit of sanity which we unknowingly loose daily in our stressful work environments!

I was going through one such bad day, one day. There were escalations and employee satisfaction to deal with while managing multiple projects and the day felt like a year. And just as I was about to get into another meeting, I got a call from - who else - my wife. Now, a call from wife feels probably the second most important call, first being from God himself. How could I ignore this call. So I spoke with her and she told me, "I took a wrong bus, I am near your office some where in this area. Please pick me up."

I forgot to mention that this incident happened in the first year of our wedded life when we were still discovering each other. My wife was working in slightly faraway company and used to commute through office provided transportation - bus.

I panicked. It was little late hour of the evening and my wife did not know the area and city that well. I was a worried newly married husband who was desperate to figure out what to do! But I kept composure as I did not want to panic her. I asked he what she saw around her, shops, signs, etc. With that I made a vague guess about her location and setup to be her knight in the shining armor to save my princess! Well, I literally felt like that in that moment.

I reached the area, and found her standing where I expected her to be.

We saw each other and the love & relief we experienced in those precious moments made it perfect ending of my day! Suddenly all was well, and we had an awesome dinner date #together!

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