#KelloggsWaleGuptaji and my weight!

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I am a man of my words. Since my marriage to my wife, I have tried and have been successful in keeping all my promises I made to her. Be it taking her to an international trip, buying her diamonds, buying her a house, be a good father to our daughter almost everything.
She loves me a lot and is generally happy all the times except yeah those mood swings that I guess every wife suffers from (Don’t worry she doesn’t read my blog!) But there is this one promise which I am having difficulty to fulfil from the starting. And she has given me an ultimatum this time. I am above 72 kgs and look quite plump. While my wife has always been a petite lady. She has asked me long, long back to lose weight and become slim and healthy man. I have tried so many times. I start doing regular exercises, eat nutritious food, avoid sweets, follow strict routine and health books but every time my regime breaks and I am back on old track. Four times Gym membership made me lose more money than extra weight. My biggest issue is that I get hungry very often. Maybe my body is used to eat a lot. Every 1-2 hour I need to grab something. And most of the times I end up eating not so healthy stuff. C’mmon I am an IT professional. The timelines and the deadlines we work in give us hardly anytime to think about our health. And I am not the kind of man who go on bothering my wife every now and then to cook something for me. (Even if I would, she would go mad and break my head instead - Don’t worry she doesn’t read my blog!).  

But now I have finally made up my mind to leave no stone unturned. I am 200% sure I can achieve my goal this time. Regular workout is something which I have already started doing every week but what make me so sure is the new Kelloggsrecipe page ‘Anaajkanaashta’. With recipes like Cornflakes and Cocunut ladoos, cornflakes khatta moong, peach cornflakes, cornflakes fruity yogurt cup, cornflakes chana chaat, cornflakes jelly shake or cheesy cornflakes, which are easy to prepare, nutritious and low fat, who can be not sure of losing those extra pounds.

If I get all these snacks at Guptaji’s house, prepared by his beautiful wife, I don’t mind jogging every 2 hours to his house. (Don’t worry my wife doesn’t read my blog!)


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