My Little Powerhouse

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I am the father of a 2 year old power-house of a daughter. If energy were ever to take some material form, I guess it will be in the form of my child.
She never ceases to amaze me with her antics. She can start running from the moment she gets up, right from the bed. She jumps around, and just makes the world run behind her!

Her excitement is infectious. I have done more silly things in last 2 years than I had ever done in my lifetime before her. I have jumped like silly, made funny faces, made funny sounds, sang Bollywood songs as lullaby (Ruk-ja-O-Dil-Deewane was the song I used to sing for her to make her sleep for I did not know any lullaby). And there is probably nothing I will not do to see that twinkle in my daughter's eyes.

She loves to dance - if you can call jumping and shaking your head dance. Whenever we play a music channel, she would just like to take a plunge on the floor and start "dancing". Peppy numbers are her favorite, and she will ask us to change channel if the song is slow or does not have the right tempo for dancing! And then she keeps changing her favorite toy. Until sometime ago, before we bought her first kitchen set, a "yellow brush" (one of her tooth-brushes) was her favorite toy. She chose that over a zillion other toys and wanted to start & end her day with the brush in her hand. She was so crazy about it that I had to buy extra brushes just in case we loose the one.

That fascination with the brush suddenly got shifted to her spatula or "karchhi" from the kitchen set. This one had interchangeable handles between various spoons and spatulas with different colors and her current favorite pastime is to cook on her kitchen set, and asking us to change the handles every once in a while to a different color. She can just sit for hours cooking! And how can I miss to talk about playing in the sand. Every morning she loves to go out with her toys to the sandpit and play pouring sand from one container to another. Drive me crazy, but she loves it.

We use disposable diapers from Pampers for overnight and whenever we go out. And I think it is a tremendous aid for us. Pampers ensure that my daughter is dry and sleeps peacefully through the night. Before we switched to Pampers, we used another brand, but that did not suit her at all. And without a peaceful sleep, she was cranky throughout the day. That changed when we started using Pampers.And when we go out, we do not have to worry about the mess as Pampers handle stuff well. Having slept well makes sure that she gets up happy, smiling, says good morning to us and starts her day full of energy and her cute antics we live for!

Pampers ensures a good night's sleep for her, keeps her skin dry and thus let us also sleep in peace. Thus the morning is set to be good and she is ready to just unleash her energy on us unsuspecting parents. But then, I can't complain, after all, that is what makes everything worthwhile!

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