My Recipe of a New World

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Sometimes I feel that the choice and the free spirit which has been embedded in us by the power beyond us, is probably the only right thing about this world.
That sounds very pessimistic, but, don't you think that the world today is functioning because of few individuals who have taken up the task to themselves of not letting the light of this world fade away, not letting the engine of the world stop?

If not for those few brave souls, I guess this planet of ours badly needs a service if not overhaul. I am no mechanic of the worlds - but it is very apparent that the fabric of our existence has never been so thin - and anyone of us can come-up with at least a zillion things which we feel can be improved or changed for better. With every passing age, the evil is getting stronger and stronger. It has not won yet, otherwise the world will be obliterated. All is not lost, but will be if we do not take it upon us to fix things. Is this possible? If it was, what would I fix? What would I keep, what would I change?

I think I need to build a better man to make a better world. If I could do that, world would change on its own, because no other life-form has so much potential or capability of making or breaking our world. I would like to build a man who lives by the principle of live and let live. A man who does not seek favors, nor does ask another man to sacrifice for him. A man, who understands empathy, but believes in fair trade.

First and foremost I will fix our souls. We are increasingly becoming a selfish, self-centered race. In being socially connected to everyone possible, we are becoming strangely disconnected with our families. No, I am not saying that the technological advancement we have witnessed, the advent of the internet era which is happening is bad. But the obsession of being on all the time is turning our empathetic ear off. I would like to replace this self-centric streak of ours with a empathic one. No - not sacrificing ourselves for the sake of anyone and everyone. Not that - but being aware of the suffering which exists in the world and make a conscious effort to lessen it in whatever way we can.

The next thing which I would like to obliterate is hate & anger. This hate, this anger is making us hurt each other in unimaginable ways. It has made us engage into meaningless wars. It has made us loose tolerance of difference of opinion. In many ways, it is the thing fracturing our world the most.

How about ego? Is it not the curse our hearts have been inflicted with forever? Is it not ego which constantly tells us that nothing else matters and that we are always right? If everyone of us could set aside the ego and try to see the world from the other person's perspective, I think the world will be a lot more tolerable place to live in. I certainly would remove ego, yet I will keep satisfaction and the pride - not hubris. This feeling of accomplishment is required to move on and keep oneself motivated. Yet it does not need the blind ego which is a self-destructive force. The respect of difference of opinion is very important. There can be no vehicle with just an accelerator, without a brake. Difference of opinion is that brake, it is that system of checks and balances which prevents us from toppling if left uncontrolled.

I will create a fair world. A world where man does not desire unearned. Where life transactions are a trade - value for value - no sacrifice or charity. The opportunity should be equal and open to all. Those who seek should get the rewards. A world where caste, color, creed or gender has no binding  on what you could achieve or do. A world where fear has no place. A world where all humankind can walk, talk and live peacefully without worrying our any predators. Where people respect each other.

A world where the moral science is not just a subject taught in schools, but is practiced, lived and died for.

That is the world I will create - mix of righteousness, empathy, happiness with a tinge of joy, a pinch of warmth filtered of anger, ego, hatred & fear - that is the concoction I will brew, if given a chance!

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