Restoring Balance

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Ever since I gained consciousness and got acquainted with comics and super-heroes, I have always fantasized to be one.

All of us have felt the rush of adrenalin which comes just by imagining things we would do, if we could. The bucket list of items which we feel we can make better, issues we think we can fix, and stuff we are sure we can do best - is actually quite long.

So is mine.

One look around us, and it is apparent that once a beautiful machine now, badly needs overhauling. I sometimes feel the more worldly progress we are making everyday, the more spiritually backwards we are going every moment. In the urge to improve our lives in every possible way, we have some where lost one very precious thing.


First and foremost I want to restore balance in this world. The world is made up of life forms and their interactions. Balance between technological advancement and being close to nature, balance between virtual meetings and real connections, balance between empathy and apathy, balance between following rules and questioning the norm - the balance needs to be restored.

The more I think that I can make this world a better place, the more I feel that I probably will end up creating something very similar. It will probably have same issues, same conflicts, same problems - in essence the same world. The randomness of human mind and the strange things it is capable of doing makes the probability of getting such world recreated irrespective of the choices we make in creation, almost a 100% possibility.

If I could, I would like to have some odds in favor of a more peaceful world. A world not divided by caste, creed or color. A world of equal opportunities. A world of compassion, happiness and joy. A world where the spirit of human soul can endure the hardships of living a life in this world, yet never loosing hope of salvation!

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