Seeking Happiness

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Someone said that happiness is an elusive thing, just like a butterfly. The more we chase it, the more out of reach it seems. Yet, when we sit silent and soak the beauty of nature, it perches itself innocently on our shoulders. I guess all of us have felt this nature of happiness.
We all seek happiness, but somewhere we are like those lost travelers in an unknown land where no one understands the language and there is no one to guide where to go. Yet in our quests, we sometimes get a brush of happiness, mostly in the places where we least expect it to be.

For, what could explain the happiness we feel when we find that long lost college photograph with friends, or that nostalgic euphoria we feel glancing through old diaries? I have come to the conclusion that the happiness in the little things of life is far more satisfying and longer lasting than ever achieved by gaining materialistic gains. The idle pleasure of being with your beloved - just being - probably doing nothing, the amazement of skin at the silky touch of fresh air with floral fragrance whilst roaming through woods, the gratitude of heart when caressed by unexpected rain, the speechlessness of tongue when embracing the flavors of home cooked food sprinkled with dozes of motherly love - aren't all these give the most profound sense of happiness that everything is alright with the world?

Then there are some larger than life events which imprint a permanent ink of happiness on the canvas of our hearts, like the feeling when I saw my wife to be, my bride walking the aisle towards me. Or the time when I saw my daughter for the very first time. Or the time when I held my daughter in my arms awkwardly being a newly crowned father. Those moments are permanent stress busters, closing eyes and remembering those moments is equivalent to applying soothing balm to daily bruises our hearts suffer in this unforgiving world.

And yes how can I underestimate the joy of spending an evening with my college buddies talking non-sense with the authority of the most profound thought leader. Those idealistic, ideological discussions where we solve all problems of the world and find a permanent solution for the world-peace, only to forget what it was next day, give us the right dose of happiness to continue with the drudgery of life.

Life is beautiful, when experienced with all senses without inhibitions. Happiness is all around us right from the warm smile of a stranger to the time finding the best deal for the gadget we always wanted to buy. But I guess, nothing can give us more happiness and joy than bringing a smile on the face of a deprived soul. If I can bring little happiness to someone who is suffering by spending some time with them, by doing something for them, I guess that kind of happiness is permanent. I wish in my life I get few chances of making that happen, at least more than a few times. That I guess will be a life worth lived.

Prompted by Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness 


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