For Paul...

I watched Fast & Furious 7 yesterday with Roohi yesterday.
Well, this post is not a critique about the movie - it is a typical adrenalin rush - a guy's movie and I kind of liked it.
This post is about surge of emotions I was left drenched in, during the last scene of the movie.

Last scene showed a montage of Paul Walker's character from previous installments of the series. Paul is then shown with his family and in the end Vin Diesel and Paul go separate ways on a road junction, symbolically meaning Paul will go being the family man.

It was a simple scene, but for some reason it struck some chord within my heart. Seeing all this unfolding on the big screen, knowing in the back of mind that this is last movie by Paul Walker ever created a huge void in the mind. Suddenly the unpredictability of life and our absurdness in the attempt to plan it, shape it, trying to feel we are in control - when truthfully we are not, became an over-whelming humbling acceptance of our insignificance in this world.

Paul's smiling face suddenly became the much needed reminder of living the life in the moment, for there is just no control or pattern of what may become of us the next moment. Yet the delusion our mind has created is so grand that we almost live in a "Matrix" or "Inception" like dream world. The truth manifests itself sometimes, but our need of clinging to the known and rejecting what we are not familiar with, keeps us in an infinite loop of never ending mirage.

I did not know Paul Walker in person (of course). However, for some reason my heart swelled and I was teary eyed in homage to the human soul. It was a moment of profound sadness knowing that a person so young, so lively on screen, had left us few months ago. Not knowing Paul, not being his fan, did not matter. I felt a connection with that face for a fleetingly brief moment, but long enough. It was long enough to make me realize that after all we are all fragments of same eternal fabric of the universe, there is an unspoken connection which binds all of us together.

Paul, I pray for you, rest in peace!

Paul, thank you, for this moment of awakening, for making me remember again what matters most if now, not past, not future.

This post is for you Paul.



  1. Lovely! RIP Paul... one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing Piyush...

  2. How very true Piyush ! We are never in has its own plan and all we have is now ... And the realization that each one is connected to the other is a profound one and few are blessed enough to get this !