Priceless Moments of Magic

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I love to surprise my wife. Actually, I love to "try to" surprise my wife lately for she has become quite adept at figuring out what I am up to. However every once in a while, life does pop up a chance to for me to sweep her off her feet and make her fall in love with me all over again.
When that happens, it is nothing short of magic woven in the ether of vivid dreams of a zillion colors, accompanied by the harmony of the sweetest music you would have ever experienced. Those moments are the ones which make everything worth its while.

Not so long ago, my wife decided to visit her parents. They always wanted her to visit them for little substantial period and it so happened, having just quit her job to take care of our daughter, she finally had the time to fulfill their wish. We both knew it will not be easy as we are not used to living afar from each other for an elongated time, but decided to give it a try. We felt that while managing our little toddler and the company of parents and friends she would manage there, and with my office work, I would here. Her travel arrangements were done on the last minute and off she went to a far, far land.

I guess our mind is certainly a trickster. What we thought would not be easy, turned out to be the most impossible thing we had ever done. However given that last minute travel was not possible, we tried to reconcile to the situation.

Then it so happened that there was a wedding in her sister's family. Though my in-laws were not going, my sister-in-law of-course was along with all her kids. Since we also knew the groom, my wife and I decided that she will go to the wedding as it will help her spend some time in the company of her sister and kids and shift our minds from missing each other terribly.

Thus she started preparing for the wedding, I discussed dresses, jewelry - everything and anything to keep her mind occupied. In the back of mind however I realized that she was yearning for me to be there. She mentioned more than once how it would have been awesome if I was there with her.

What she did not know that on the same day while she was packing her stuff to travel, I had booked tickets to attend this wedding. I had known that she would want me to be with her to attend the wedding in her family. And I had also known that she would not think that I would travel at the last minute given our discussions about managing budget and so on as we had just bought an apartment.

The day came and we both started for our destinations. I was making sure that she does not realize that I am not in office and travelling instead. She called me as usual telling me that they have set sail for the place and that she was missing me badly. It was winter season in North India and my wife does not like that – yet she had to travel in cold trains. I not being there was further adding to her agony. I talked to her about how the wedding would be and that I would want them to enjoy and so on.

Since I was travelling by flight, I reached the venue one night earlier. I had already spoken to the groom and they made arrangements for my stay. My wife was due to arrive the next day and I prepared for the final act of my surprise for her. Having reached earlier, I was privy to all stay arrangements. I decided to wait for her in her room, so I asked the host family to lock the room with me inside. They were great sport!

And finally my wife arrived with her troupe! It was a big group with lot of kids. After welcome by the host family they were led to their allotted room – where I was waiting for the reunion.
Inside the room, I was nervously excited. It was easy until now, but in those moments my heart was pounding hard and fast. It felt it would leap out of my mouth. Those few moments were unbearably restless, yet nerve wrenchingly exciting. I heard footsteps and commotion in directed towards the room. I took out my phone in video mode, faced the door and waited.

Door knob turned, my wife walked in.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

Our eyes locked for a second which seemingly stretched to infinity. The world stopped. There was music in the air, love in the surroundings and the atonement of peace in the hearts having got what we so much longed. That infinite moment was broken by my wife’s laughter and my daughter calling for her daddy – my wife was so happy and so surprised that she could not say anything. I hugged her and my daughter. All the agony, all the longing of last few weeks disappeared instantly.

My Sensex of my life’s stock exchange suddenly surged! My life’s balance-sheet never looked better, this probably was one my best gifts I could ever gift my wife. This was a moment of magic which casts its spell of love on our hearts, entwining them in a bond which lasts forever. When 2 souls are truly in love each other, I guess this is magic which happens.

Air fare:                15000
Taxi:                       2000
Shopping:             10000
Look in my wife’s eyes when she saw me:           Priceless!

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