Airtel services at finger tips

I am a Airtel user for multiple services. It powers my connection to the infinite reach of the world wide web (aka my broadband connection to internet), it fuels the voice connection and data on my hand-set and it also connects my home to the world of wired phones (my landline connection).

And I have been using these services for over 10 years now! It is a long, long period and I have seen the platform evolve its humungous services over the years. I still remember in the initial days how I had to visit Airtel office to pay my phone or broadband bill. Then the online platform evolved and I graduated to using their website to review bills and make payments.

I guess the evolution of My Airtel app is the natural course of action for the fantastic service provider. It is no-brainer that today's smartphone pack more power in the small form factor than the computers of yester-years. With a smartphone in every pocket powered up by the lightening speed of 3G/4G/wifi internet, it is natural to expect that one should be able to manage various services via an app.

Airtel's "My Airtel App" is the answer, the solution to this need of today's savvy customer. Since Airtel offers DTH services also through its port-folio, should you use those, this app essentially becomes your one stop shop for all your needs with respect to Airtel.

I think following 3 are the most pertinent features of this app which bring lot of ease and comfort to the user -

1. Payment of services -
Whether you want to pay your post-paid bill, or you want to recharge your mobile or you want to recharge your DTH - all this can be done through a secure gateway which is PCIDSS certified. You can do real-time tracking of your bills and even store your cards for faster payments.

2. Control your set-top-box for DTH -
If you use Airtel DTH, apart from payment you can even record a program, order games, buy packs and what not. You can event create shortcuts for your frequent tasks on home screen.

3. Airtel surprises -
This one is really an icing on the cake. You gotta pay for your services anyways. But Airtel surprises offers your coupons on every recharge you do. These coupons are useful in various categories including shopping, food, wellness, entertainment. Coupons are offered by brands like PVR, Cafe Coffee Day, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ebay, Archies, VLCC among other popular brands.

I guess with all these interesting features, it is time that we graduate to using the My Airtel App and reap the benefits. Not only it is easy, fun, but rewarding too! Who knows you next coffee or next movie - actually your next date gets sponsored by Airtel. Would it not be truly lovely?

The app is available for various mobile app platforms here. Go visit that page and claim your path to easy management of your Airtel services, at your finger tips.

Written in Prompt by Airtel.


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  2. Any idea how is their privacy policy? i tried to install a shopping app and they even wanted the serial number of my cell phone. I wonder why? Not being a techie it left me quite clueless.