My Mom, My Expert Guide

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Isn't it amusing that the best of our memories are made in times when we just want to grow out of that time? I had a wonderful time growing up in a joint family.

My mom, though, a gold-medalist History graduate, had assumed the role of home-maker perfectly well. As a kid my world was taken care by her silently.

She is a simple lady who never asked much from life. She made sure that we kids get the right values imprinted on our impressionable souls. Her actions and way of leading was unassuming. If I reflect back on those years, I guess the best thing I learned from her was the simplicity of life. She let us be, do what we want, guiding us along the way, but never taking the power of choice away from us.

I guess the best thing she did was she made sure that she educates us in all skills - sewing, cooking, cleaning - everything. When it comes to cooking, my mom is nothing short of an expert connoisseur. She loves cooking. It was her affectionate guidance that I caught the same bug. I must say that was extremely useful skill in later years when I had to move out for my education.

Other amazing thing she did was making sure we kids eat everything. We are a vegetarian family. Within the realms of vegetarian cuisine - she cooked everything - bitter-gourd, bottle-gourd, spinach, all leafy vegetables, turnip, pumpkin - you name it, she cooked it. And she asked us to taste everything and eat everything - at least little. That exposure to such varied tastes at that age made sure that as adults I love all vegetables!

As a parent I am trying to imbibe value to my daughter, but now I realize it is not easy.

This and so many other little things which probably I cannot even recall made me what I am. She laid the framework for my life and I can possible never thank her for all the things she did. She had been the most careful gardener weeding what should be, and nurturing, what should be. She made sure that we understand the importance of money and the means. Her first advice on financial matter was to made sure that we save/invest some portion of our income from day one. I guess that is the best financial advice one could ever get!

Even today, when something is not working for me, I tell her and she says everything will be alright. And everything does, after all she is the best expert I have the privilege to be with!

Written in prompt by Godrej.

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  1. Just wondering how can Mothers imagine everything will be all right, and it indeed does :}

    Good to read this great post on your personal life.