The Mystery of #EkNayiLeague

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If you are a social media junkie like me, you would have sure seen #EkNayiLeague trending in the infinitely wide web of internet world.

There are multiple video, teaser of sorts where the great cricketer Kapil Dev himself is seen talking to prominent personalities like M S Dhoni, Sania Mirza, Kapil, Yuvraj, about their game, about how they play/played with heart, about how that is what he has also played, and about how that is not going to work in the new league.

I guess it quite an intriguing campaign and listening Kapil Dev hamming late Dev Sahab, was really really fun. Man speaks from heart. But here he is asking the audience, rather warning them to not to play with heart, else they will be hit wicket or loose in cricket parlance!

What could it be?

Given that Kapil Dev has recently joined the famous red-carpet list of twitter celebrities, and that he is asking viewers to follow him on twitter to know more about this new league, promising that he will reveal all in few days, one can almost relate it to some thing related to creating personal teams. Since he is asking to not play by heart, its natural corollary is that it is something related to use of grey matter - the brain. Could it be a game requiring your wit, to be played by brain, not by heart?

I am not sure it will be something restricted to online world, for internet though is stretching to all nook and corners of the country, is still not yet ubiquitous as the television. Is it a reality game show? I sure could be wrong, but I feel that it could be a battle of wits in reality TV format.

I guess ever since IPL happened in our sub-continent, the euphoria of cricket has gone beyond all worldly limits. It is watched, drooled and enjoyed in far away lands like Ireland country side (I read that in this Quora answer). The sheer amount of money involved, the glamour, the public appeal and the fun quotient people associate with the whole league experience is just mind boggling. I guess many have desired, or should I say, fantasized to have a team of their own. If only they had enough money!

I guess, this new league could be a reality show game where contestants would be allowed to create/select their teams in IPL like fashion and then play the teams in a quiz/question-answer format show. It is also possible that this show involves multiple skills - where the teams have to use their brains for the quiz stage - and are required to play actual games (something akin to skill based games, like the one minute show). And for some strange reason, I feel it could be on the lines of The Crystal Maze which used to appear on Star TV - in the infancy of cable tv in India.

I am really curious to know what it is now! Let us wait for Kapil praaji to unveil the curtains of the mystery and hope that this new league is as interesting as he promises it to be!

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