An Ode to Affordable Luxury

In the market thus strolling they went
A knick-knack here, another there - everything they dreamt
Father, father, cried the child
I want this and I want that exclaimed he open-eyed!

Being the wise man, father asked
What is that you want, as they passed
Tell me o' dear son, what is that you crave
And tell me reason 3 why you do, my son brave

Dad, I want that toy so shiny it is
I think when I have it, it will be bliss
Son, your eyes can't see, they are dazzled
But the shine won't last, you'll be frazzled

Okay, but those pastries look delicious
Said the child in tone mischievous
But, you threw away food your mother made
Pastries look lovely, but mom's food was worth a jade

I got it dad, said the young boy
I understood valuing stuff gives joy
I will be careful and will not waste
But just a little boy I am, a bit of luxury can I taste?

You got it right son, value and respect we must show
Money can buy stuff, but peace does not flow
But we are travelling soon to lands unseen
And I will get you luxury in all its sheen

We will fly in #LufthansaPremiumEconomy through open skies
I am sure son, the comfort, the luxury, you'll love the highs
But Dad, aren't flights are cramped, long and boring
Last time you did not want to travel in spite of imploring

That was old story, from long ago, from the yore
The new class from Lufthansa is anything but bore
Let me tell you what's in store in skies
True wonder-list it is in flight's guise

Comfort true it is, this class has redefined
You get double the space, are no longer confined
Extra bag at no extra cost, is what you get
You can carry all your toys and have the fest

But the fun starts even before you board
The lounge is ours to explore
Amazing cuisine in all its glory awaits
And I am not yet done with updates

A refreshing soft drink you will get onboard
And a holder to make it does not go overboard
Little you are, your body will tire
And the seat can lean so much, so you could retire

Your cuddly friend will also have its space
Your teddy bear I am sure you will embrace
Footrest for your feet, armrest for each little hand
All your worries you can surely disband

And when you wake up fully rested and eat your prunes
There is a big screen to watch all your cartoons
The remote is yours to fulfill thy command
And power outlet to pump your phone on demand

Dad, I know you like to do thing with flair
would that not be too costly an affair
No son, this luxury we can really afford
A l'll extra and we will get on-board

That sounds really amazing Dad, it so much excites
When are we going, I can't wait for the delights
Have patience son, the contest is yet to be won, its in schemes
Sure we will go, once they sponsor your dreams...


  1. The only poem I came across so many entries ...All the best

    1. Thanks a lot Rathina, yours is quite an imaginative one! Pleasure to meet you, keep visiting :)