Concocting a Spectacular Journey...

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This big world of ours in reality is made up of small things. It is these small fragments, bits and pieces, which come together to create the experience we call life. But in the hustle-bustle of life, we quite often miss this aspect of our journey - for life is nothing but a voyage, an attempt of a soul to wander from being somewhere to reach somewhere.

However I have experienced this multiple times, when it is time to pack for an upcoming travel, things which I had totally forgotten about suddenly become important to be packed. These things give comfort of the known when I am venturing through the unknown. Yet, in my numerous trips, I have missed to carry stuff with me, only to miss sorely later. If I were to plan a road-trip now in the new Renault Lodgy, I have arrived at my bucket list of things which I will make sure accompany me this time.

I have grown up in a typical middle class family, being driven in modest hatchback. While it was magically sufficient to pack our large joint family, it never had enough space to carry reasonable luggage. No wonder, our long drives were never long enough. I am a voracious reader and one of the most difficult thing for me is to pick a book or two for my travel. I want to carry more! The new Lodgy has huge, and when I say huge, I mean it in big bold letters - REALLY HUGE boot space of 201 liters expandable to 1861 liters. With such space at my disposal I am sure I can carry all my favorite books with me!

What I will bring?
How Lodgy will help?
By giving me almost infinite boot-space.

Now that I would have packed enough food for the reader in me, I must remember to pack cooking supplies. I love cooking, actually experimenting with flavors with a fervor. My culinary adventures give me a deeply satifying feeling - a sense of accomplishment which is hard to describe within the realm of written word. One of my desires is to drive to a beautiful countryside landscape, set-up a open kitchen, cook something nice for my family.

What I will bring?
Stuff to cook with
How Lodgy will help?
Not having to worry about space.

And that brings me to my next desire. I belong to a joint family. I would love them to join me on my next trip. After all what is a world without the warmth and love of your near ones! So I will have my wife, my daughter, my parents, my brother, his wife - all of them accompanying me in this journey.

What I will bring?
My large extended family
How Lodgy will help?
By providing comfortable seating for 8 people without cramping and touching anyone's elbows!

Now all set with my kin, I guess next thing on my list is to bring my collection of music. Any nice drive is incomplete without a touch of some melody to soothe your soul. My collection of songs - Retro, Oldies, Jazz, Classical, Carnatic, Ghazals, Rock, Pop, Sufi - I will carry all that with me. With state-of-the-art MediaNAV console to breeze through my collection of music I guess, driving would be nothing short of a blissful journey I would cherish. And the console doubling up as rear view camera display, this advanced Bluetooth and USB enabled multi-media console is true enabler of communicatin, entertainment, navigation and parking!

What I will bring?
My collection of music
How Lodgy will help?
By giving me a fantastic way of playing my collection in the form of MediaNAV console.

Armed with everything & everybody above, I just need to pack my foldable tent, my large size mat, my folding table, my barbecue, my laptop and finally my camera to capture all those wonderful moments. Life is lived in these very moments and I would love to capture every single one of them. And guess what Lodgy would not complain, after all it has a large heart! And yes, I would not have to worry about safety of my family and myself, cruising through. Lodgy's high adjustable seat belts will ensure everyone is tucked in comfortably, providing security without causing discomfort. Charging socket will make sure our mobiles never run out of juice - there are 12 volt charging socket for each row! With the ease of tilt steering wheel I guess I will have nothing to complain. And the 8-way adjustable driving seat will make sure long drives do not compromise on comfort.

What I will bring?
My world
How Lodgy will help?
With its array of features, Lodgy will ensure my journey is truly spectacular! 

With all my bucket list complete, I guess I will just need to add
   a dash of love, 
       a sprinkle of laughter, 
            a touch of warmth, 
                itsy-bitsy naughtiness, 
                      a bit of play 
and it will be a perfect concoction of a journey remembered forever...

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.


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