Embracing the Joy of Sweet Smells

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I have been gifted with extra-ordinary olfactory skills. I can smell a rat, literally, from far off. Needless to say that this has not been a particular gift to cherish in our country effervescent with odors of all kinds from all corners. The nearby garbage, that stray dog who has the right to every pillar, those cattle who are left rampant on our non-suspecting roads by their owners who consider sitting in the middle of the road as their right - anyone and everyone is totally unselfish when it comes to bestowing their hallucinating scents out in the open for gullible us to cherish.

And come monsoon, the lingering wetness of cloths, molds growing in damp areas, masalas spraying their tanginess and spice in all their pungent glory, the smell of fritters and teas, the reek of wood and paper - all makes for a soul-stirring whiff for the unsuspecting guest.

I have lived in an old town house for major part of my child-hood. On top of everything I just described, our house was home to a zillion variety of flora which required manure to sustain. Needless I say that the amalgamation of smells was quite over-powering for one's senses. The pleasue and reek all mixed to create a miasma of its own. The effluvium thus created was truly surreal in its negative connotation.

Those were the time I used to wish for something which could counter all these smells of all flavors and fervor. Something which not only is pleasant to nose, but also is strong enough to not get subdued by the attack of the stink. And god-forbid the visit of a guest who removes shoes without remembering that they have not put on their most fresh pair! My personal defense against the might of stench was an unusual solution - my faithful balm. Balm while traditionally used for aches and cold, I realized, was a very effective remedy against strong reeks of all kinds. A little touch to the nose and you are subjected to the strong fragrance of menthol and other oils.

But this was a painful solution, for while balm did overpower the stench, it also caused twitching in the nose and hurt with its strength being applied to soft skin of the nose.

Other counter measures which we used were using incense sticks, but those had the problem of smoke and ash. We also used the newly introduced air-freshners, but some of them were too strong to be pleasant, and rest did not last a few minutes of determined effort of the smell to defeat the freshner. Net result was still the same - us searching for another counter measure, yet again.

I guess the new freshner from Ambi Pur - Air Effects is a big step forward in the war against stench. Being with a toddler can subject you to unpleasant smells of all kinds, any time. Just yesterday, when that happened, I sprayed a quick dose of Ambi Pur. Not only I was pleasantly surprised with the mild fragrance, the duration it remained effective made me a fan. After all, world is meant to be a pleasant fragrant place and this one from Ambi Pur is our weapon against the dark world of unsavory odors!

What's in a fragrance, a rose is still a rose?
Well what is rose without its aroma - an empty body without its soul.
A chance encounter with sweet smell makes it a good day
A whiff of fresh perfume keeps bad odors at bay
Without the beautiful scent of things fragrant,
The world is a dreary place, land arid and vacant
Embracing the joy of sweet smells is what heart favors
Spreading the aroma of love is what it savors!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur.


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