Finding Value in Skies

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It will not be wrong to say that we are a money conscious, price sensitive nation. We love to find value for our money, and then a little more! Not that we cannot afford luxury, but the pleasure we derive in bargaining that extra is not possible to explain in the realm of written word. We derive more pleasure in the free item we get than the actual item we bought! That is why fixed cost shops with no bargain depress me, for what fun it is if everything is bought at MRP?

If there is unity in our diversity, I guess, it is this trait of the insatiable urge to find the best value for our buck which unites us. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari our markets adorn the hustle-bustle of our bargaining with the shopkeepers. For a person uninitiated with our way of life, it borders on being a perpetual conundrum. 

We often say in our family that there is very little difference between good and great and we are willing to pay for that delta, for the value derived by that little extra far surpasses the added cost. I guess it runs in our blood to always be on the lookout for the next deal and somehow we never get tired of it.

So, it amuses the cashier, but we find it natural, when my brother asks for a free-gift for having bought lots of grocery in super-market. First reaction is surprise, but more often than not, they oblige by throwing in a knick-knack, a little toy, or whatever. And believe me this little thingy makes the effort of grocery picking seem like fun. I still remember my grandmother quoting 80% discounted price to vendors. And I was always surprised to see that final deal always turned out to be even better!

I guess given this, the new #LufthansaPremiumEconomy class from Lufthansa is true bang for buck addition to the airline's repertoire. International air-travel, especially in economy class, is tiring. There is little leg-space, less recline, little elbow room and all in all, I have always felt it is akin to travelling in a 2x2 bus. And I hate travelling by bus. This new tier of air travel from Lufthansa brings unique value proposition which only Indian discerning mind could possibly decipher - the power of that little delta, by paying a little extra.

Travelling in business class/first class has always been my secret desire every time I travel internationally in economy. However the fare difference between the 2 variants used to be at least 5-6 times and I could never convince the travel department (for I myself felt it was a very steep price for little luxury for couple of hours). This new #LufthansaPremiumEconomy changes all that. Of course, it is priced higher than the economy class, however, the price difference is significantly less. It is less than half the price of business class. I think I can now convince my travel manager to book this for me in my next leisure trip disguised as business trip :) After all a relaxed employee will be ready to take on the world on arrival and which business would not love that?

If you get
  • 50% more space
  • 2x50lbs free baggage
  • More lean back
  • Extra storage space
  • Separate armtest
  • Footrest
  • Free lounge*
  • Travel accessories
  • Excellent food served in china tableware
  • Bigger screen
  • Power outlet so that your devices do not run out of juice
  • And many more...
Isn't it a true "paisa-vasool" deal? Who would not love the luxury you can experience in *LufthansaPremiumEconomy class? I guess that is what being truly Indian means - finding value in skies (thin air literally)!


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