Odour Escapades

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We live in a fragrant country. Step out of your house and you can put your olfaction skills to test. We are overwhelmingly surrounded with smells of all kinds, good, bad or ugly. If go for a morning walk, your unsuspecting nose can be treated with a smell of Jasmine, interspersed with the handiwork of neighbor's dog.

Nose has very important role to play in our experience of this world. A beautiful evening can be marred if our nose smells a rat (literally and figuratively). They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder - I guess they did not know how much important the sense of smell is in our perception of beauty. A whiff of a nice perfume and our minds will picture the perfect dream girl/boy as the case may be. And a bad smell sounds synonymous with the person most non-grata.

I guess we all have been subjected to the torture of having to bear the attack of odour unknowingly, grudgingly. That probably is one of the biggest reason I find it hard to travel in crowded bus. My sense of smell is too sharp to let me not witness the horrors of bad odour.

Without our sense of smell, I guess our world will become as black-and-white to eye. A world without the smell will be a world without flavor. Yet, like flavors, there are all kinds.

In my childhood, I went on a school field trip to Rajasthan. There were multiple buses, separately for boys and girls. After a nights travel boys decided to remove their shoes. I will leave rest to imagination and skip the details. The result of this act was a sack was arranged in which all socks were dumped and moved to the top of the bus.

During the initial days just out of my college, I was sharing a flat with couple of class-mates. We all had just entered the corporate world having completed our masters. One of my room-mates was blessed with extraordinary trait of perspiration. I used to dread him returning back to home, and opening his shoes. The overbearing stench was enough to be used to bring back dead to life. After many such days of painfully surviving the attack of this odour, I figured out an innovative way of overpowering the attack.

I got a balm. The moment I used to hear the sound of door opening, my faithful balm used to come for my rescue. With its strong smell emanating from oils like Citronella, by direct application on the nose-tip, I survived those days.

While these incidents are certainly not the moments I want to relive, they do tell that the sense of smell can bring wonder or horror, joy or cry, bliss or abyss. If we live life in moments, then the smells we experience are the background score of these memories. Fragrances, smells can bring back those memories alive in a moment.

A whiff of fresh air
Interspersed with the fragrance of a thousand roses, 
With a hint of first rain touching the parched land, 
Giving rise to the wonderful aroma of earth
Being bathed in nectar of love -
Isn't it the best of world we can experience!

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.


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