Tanu weds Manu - WHY?

Ever since I watched the part duex of Tanu weds Manu movie franchisee, I have been confused & sad. Movie has flair for watch-ability, there are jokes strewn on an otherwise non-coherent stories which do amuse you. However interestingly none of those come from perceived protagonists of the film.
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Coming back to why I am confused, I have been wondering, what was the whole point of the story (what was the story btw?).

** Spoiler Warning **

It would have been a great story, if Manu did find his spine and married Kusum. He did not. With nothing shown about chemistry between Tanu & Manu, and the movie starting on a premise that the couple cannot bear each other, there is no reason for their reunion, except to satisfy the idea to preserve the marriage at any cost. Why?

Seriously why? But then I may be wrong. It is quite possible that they had an alternative lifestyle which was not shown to gullible us, may be they were into BDSM, may be Manu loved being whipped, may be he was a natural sub?

On the other-hand, chemistry between Kusum and Manu was shown poignant and believable. With so much build up to make audience feel that they indeed are the souls for each other, and then not uniting them is bordering to cheating with the spectators. Tanu did absolutely nothing for Manu to feel the urge to go back.

I think the story had potential, but was marred by a bad screen-play. For us to believe that the couple were indeed made for each other - there needs to be a premise which was never build up. We were supposed to imagine the chemistry which was missing like honesty in our government offices.

Tanu's character is unrealistic. Was the idea to portray her as a rebel? I guess she appeared more delusional and psychotic than a rebel. A rebel has a reason, a point to prove. She did not have any. On the other hand, Kusum was the true rebel - she stood for herself, she stood for what was right. She had the guts to be on her own. She had to guts to walk away from her first love.

And that is why I felt sad. I wanted culmination of a good love story.

But then I guess it was good in a way Kusum deserved a person with stronger spine than Manu. May be we will see that in part three!

Actually, I will take back about Tanu being unrealistic. She showed all the fervor and flavor of Amy (remember Gone Girl)? May be next one could be woven into a thriller? If it does, there is still hope in this world.



  1. Nicely written but unfortunately, the irony of a masala movie is that if you want to understand it, you do not use your brains!


  2. That's the problem with Indian Movies, they advises people not to use their brains.. the storyline was complete crap, only acting of all the actors made it a hit (at least we have powerful actors, for directors and scriptwriters are third grade).