Tips for Healthy Skin

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We all desire a generally healthy skin. Yet, we do not take enough care of it. Our skin is what holds us together, protects us from the harshness of surroundings and keep us alive. Whatever it is, our skin faces it first.

While I am one those lazy people who in spite of knowing all this, still fail to give the general care our skin truly deserves. Still, over the period of years spent on this earth, I have been given multiple tips, advice and treatments to take care of the epidermis. Let me list a few in this blog-post for my ready reference and for the benefit of posterity -

1. A clean skin is first step towards health skin
While I do not do much, yet, I have made it a habit to wash my face/feet every-time I come back to home from somewhere. This makes sure the dirt, pollution and grime gets washed away. Keeps my skin fresh and hydrated and removes the excess oil. I guess we should do this more often - at least once during our office hours - not only when we feel sleepy and wash our face to prevent ourselves from falling into slumber in a dreary work-day - but generally also. You can use just water or a good face wash like this from VICCO.

2. Hydration
Different skin types need different way of keeping skin hydrated. Each person to his own - but we must find out what type of moisturizer suits us and use it liberally as may be required. My mother's favorite is using a mix of VICCO Turmeric Cream and moisturizer for a quick touch up to the face. I have also found that ghee/mustard oil/coconut oil massage before bath is a wonderful way of providing wholesome moisture to the body. If you care for exotic, olive oil is also a great option!

3. Eating Healthy
What we eat has amazing impact on our skin. Fresh vegetables, ample amount of fruits, a healthy dose of salads does wonder to our skin. As a side benefit it also helps in overall balanced nutrition of required by our body.

4. Using home made face-packs
In my child-hood, we were made to apply multani-mitti face-packs. I liked the smell :) I guess homemade packs made from vegetable peels, fruit peels are wonderful - but we need to be aware what will suit our skin type. And there is ample information available over the vast realm of the world wide web aka internet. A face pack mixed with Turmeric brings a radiant glow to the face.

5. Rainwater
I do not know the scientific fact behind this, but I have seen that getting drenched in rain-water removes tanning and glorifies the face. I have done that as an experiment and it never fails to amaze me!

These were some of the tips I have tired in the past have benefited from. Would love to hear about yours in comments!


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