UC Browser for cricket lovers!

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Cricket has lot of impact over me. No, not because I am a great fan, that I am not or no more you can say as once upon a time I used to be. Still, the game that takes over the nation with its ever going tournaments, series, leagues, has its impact over me. My younger brother stops listening to me for important discussions as he gets really hooked into the game and does not want to miss on the scores. Even my elderly father teams up with him adding to my frustrations. On that, the teams that I manage in office goes for the toss hitting low on productivity during matches. People turn up late, sometimes even skip meetings, even if they attend it’s with half mind, focus takes a dive as they are worried for the score updates, and don’t even ask what happens when there is a final match! Well, we generally, screen the game to boost our employees! Being the senior person I have to face the brunt of my clients for my team when they are not being efficient enough. Can you stop them? You cannot. I understand their passion - being there, having done all that. And though I am no more interested in the game (but who knows till when!) I want to help these guys so that they can enjoy life as much as they enjoy the game. For being at responsible position, it is my job to help my people manage their life.

So when I came across UC Browser, I immediately came to know that I have found the solution to this problem. It is a mobile browsing service where you can Surf it All, Surf it Fast as it is faster, easier to use and has seamless transitions. Apart from many other features, it specifically features UC Cricket as a blue icon that opens to a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are through live Scores with auto update, fixture and result, latest news and videos. Looks like UC Browser provide the best cricket service in India and finally, people can stay connected to the game while not missing out on all the little as well as big things important in life.

Here are some of the best features of this super Browser:

High speed Downloads with a resume option when interrupted and a smart file manager.
Cloud Sync that provides seamless switch by syncing your open tabs and bookmarks across various devices
Easy to use customizable speed dials, themes and add-ons
Improved Data Compression technology to boost the browsing speed
Download videos with just one click.

UC Browser, the flagship product of UCWeb Inc.- an Alibaba Group company, is available on more than 3,000 different models of cell phones from over 200 cell phone manufacturers. Hence, whatever your phone model is be it iPhone 5S, GALAXY Note 3, G6-U00, iPhone 5C, MX, 3MI, 3P6-U06, XperiaZ1, One or GALAXY Note2 or any other model, you can easily have UC Browser. It is compatible with all mainstream operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Win CE, Java, MTK, and Blackberry.

What say? Haven’t I have figured out perfect solution for my people who are die-hard fans of cricket? What are you thinking? 
Download UC Browser from here, open UC Browser - HomeScreen - Find "UC Cricket" with blue icon.

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