Investing the Easy Way

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The other day Roohi and I were talking about investments and avenues available for investor of today. Everything can be done with a click now - this was unimaginable just couple of years back. I still remember the time when I used to call my investment agent who used to bring paper based forms for application. I used to get paper statements.

All that has changed.

Now there are multiple platforms like FundsIndia and FundSuperMart where for you can create a free account and use their platform to a zillion investment options - mutual funds, bonds, fixed-deposits and so on.

Most significant benefit of such platforms is that you can get a snapshot view of your holdings across options in a single view. Not only that, you can redeem your investments with a click of mouse should you desire. They also provide all sorts of reports for your records and submissions (ELSS documents to be submitted to your office for tax saving investment proofs).

The convenience is immense and obviates all reasons of a lazy mind like me.

I am sure once you explore these, you will get hooked and will not turn back. It is an awesome habit to start investing small and these platforms make it extremely easy to do so.

Even CAMS, which is a transfer agency is providing several tools for online transactions. These tools help you track your investments without having to create an account provided your correct email id and/or phone number is registered.

Folks - go explore these, and take that first step towards the awesome journey of little investments which yield huge rewards in due course of time. After all drops make an ocean!


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