The Eternal Dilemma of Gifting to Men

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DISCLAIMER: This blog-post caters to the people above the age of 25.

It is easy to gift something to a woman. The choices are practically infinite and options galore all over should you decide to show your gratitude or express any other emotion by means of gifting.

But alas, same is not true for men. How many birthdays & farewells have we seen men being gifted any other thing apart from a watch or a tie or a shirt or a perfume? Some adventurous ones might get cuff-link. Maybe a book - but I guess the list of options ends even before it practically begins.

This poses a very difficult problem for someone wanting to gift something to us - the hominis - the kindred of men!

Gifting as such is not an easy thing - if you want to be considerate about the person receiving the gift. We all want to present something which can evoke emotion and make the recipient feel cared for, thought about. This act of transpiring heartfelt emotion from materialistic gifts for men seems an impossible task.

Yet, the daunting never give up.

If you are facing the same dilemma faced by thousands of wannabe gifters to men - do not worry. Help are few gifts for men you can take a look.

But how about getting little more adventurous? There is a lot of interesting stuff waiting to be picked up and gifted to the worthy man. Like these gifts for him you may be tempted not to gift.

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While it purely depends upon the taste of the person you are gifting - for each man has his own choice of poison - for the connoisseurs of spirits you may want to look at Scotch as a gift as one of the options. It certainly can please your man if he is an explorer of the drinks menu to sit back and relax.

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So don't hold back, be adventurous and try out unconventional gifts. Everyone likes to be surprised every once in a while, and what is a better way than to gift something thoughtful which suits your recipient's taste? You will make the person feel special, for if you have taken time to think about the gift, your effort shows. It is an incredible feeling to know that you are cared for and thought about, and a little gift can go a long way in confirming this feeling.

How adventurous have you been?  Do leave your stories in comments, I would love to listen to yours!


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