Togetherness - Lost & Found

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The digital age of ours has offered many benefits, many comforts - more than we can possibly experience or enjoy in one lifetime. This comfort, however, has come with a price - a price we have paid, and continue to pay with the ever increasing divide between people. When we watch videos of friends having fun together, it brings a nostalgia in our hearts, striking a chord we feel we have lost ages ago. And we do not take a moment to click the "like" button. But in the real world, the rigamarole of life ensures that our human-to-human interactions are minimal.

In this dreary desert of digital nothingness, there are few things which can help us keep our sanity alive. Like, shutting that "like" button for a change - and instead calling the person right away to tell them we had a good time.

Or even better - taking that bike/car out and endeavoring to meet them in person. Don't you think the world was a better place when we used to roam around in shorts and used to call upon our friends without having to worry if they will be there? And did we have not the most amazing of fun in those impromptu visits punctuated with loads of nonsensical laughter and fun accentuated by the common sense of happiness emanating from our young selves? Those silly jokes, those childish games, those fights, making up and then fighting again - though was the routine, but don't we remember the most trivial of things with most fondness?

I guess heart aches for things which can never be brought back. Yet, there is so much in the current lives we continue to loose and later regret. Our relationships with people, our connections with real humans, our attachments are slowly withering away in the desert air of apathy and lack of time for each other.

In the process of having, have we not lost all we had? Did we not feel the happiest when we had but nothing? With giving our hearts and souls away, we indeed have amassed a lot of materialistic wealth, but our inner self is thirsty, sun-parched devoid of the warmth of friends and kin. This perennial shallowness of our times is eating away at the core of our existence. We are forever angry and with everyone.

I feel, all this can change with little effort and a bit of care. What if we throw away digital and embrace old-school style. Little meetings can soothe very old aches.

Meeting real people, making new friends, talking to a stranger, engaging in activities which makes us human - if we do a bit more of this on a daily basis, I think we can still regain - all is not yet lost. The shimmer of hope is there - and can become a fiesta of fire if kindled with smiles, love and laughter. We can still experience the joy of real togetherness if only we begin to care.

See this video which shares similar emotions about discovering real togetherness -


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