I can do it!

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I'm alone sitting in darkness
And there is gloom all around.
My companions?
Sorrow, despair, failure-
Utter silence with no sound.

Thinking ceased, actions stopped
Breathing difficult, life robbed.
I feel everything is lost-
My courage has disappeared,
My confidence shattered
My hope crushed-my will caught.

Will this way I disappear?
With no care, nobody near,
Will I die with nobody to cry?
Will I perish with nothing to cherish?

No I can't allow myself
To be lost in this way-
I would have to come out
Come what may.

Then how with my depression I can fight?
How can I clear this darkness leading to Bright?
How across this sea of sorrow will I swim?
---I can do it by efforts in rythm.
I can do it by my perseverence,
With my toil and labour immense.

I wa swrong, darkness blinded my eyes,
Now I can hear in my failure others' cries
Yes I am loved, I am cared
If not by everyone, at least by few
And those few for me are like pearls of dew!

I would accomplish the impossible
My courage?--Their love
My hope?--Their care
And they?--My Saviour.

I would have to keep their faith in me,
I would have to prove my worth for their love.
And I know, I can do it
I can do it, because they are with me
Always to look after me,
Take care of me & guide me,
To make me reach my destiny,
Wish I fill the color in their dreams!
If I can, by any means...


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