I Will Wait...

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I am in love with a girl.
She is sweet, she is innocent,
She is lovely, she is lovable,
She is the girl, I once dreamt!

She has a place,
Too deep in my heart.
But I can never trace
Why she is so far?

She understands my emotions
But doesn't accept her too.
I wish her love she mentions
Wish only I can do!

When will she come to me,
And say you're mine, I need you.
In her eyes love I wish to see,
For her happiness, then anything I'll do

Then all her pains,
Silently I would bear.
And not allow her eyes,
To have a single tear.

But till then wait I will,
Silently, though heart will cry.
My breath ceases, I get still,
Yes, I will wait till I die!

Wish she shows her love,
Before it is too late.
Before I disappear,
If this is to be my fate.

But I will wait even then,
My love will be accepted one day.
She would come to me, her man,
And say, I wished her to say!

I pray my waiting is not too long,
Longer than I can bear.
I wish to sing duets, not a solo song,
I desparately need her near.

Come soon love, my heart is waiting,
Will you not give him what he wishes?
Believe your love and your feeling,
And your emotions are his only riches!


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