In Quest of what is #SoftestForBabySkin

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It is amazing how life fosters its little surprises on you. You are so sure of yourself and then it just unfolds a new side of you which you never knew. Graduating through various stages of life I have grown as a person, as a man with the new responsibilities life brings at each stage.

I learned to appreciate nuances of herbs & spices when my wife needed me to be the true man of the house taking care of culinary responsibilities when she was carrying. I learned how important it is to not to leave your stuff behind, lest be ready for an impromptu lecture on etiquettes or lack of them. Jokes apart, it does makes life easier if you keep it clean then and there, rather than leaving to a mystically future date. I learned to appreciate the fine art of loading a washing machine properly with proper segregation of colored and white clothes when I noticed my wife struggling with her dual responsibilities of being a home- maker and full-time IT job.

And thus I thought I have learned everything a man has to or can do.

Boy, I could not have been more wrong! When our daughter was born the immense joy she brought with her was accompanied with a sense of urgent responsibility. Suddenly here I was, a newly arrived father who only wanted to provide only the best for his kiddo. She was so delicate, so fragile and so soft! How could I not search for the softest of stuff for her? And thus I arrived at my own list of must-have skin essentials for keeping baby's skin supple and soft.

5. Wrap
Is it velvet or is it feather
Can it be any softer than either
Searched nook and corner and found the softest wrap
Tucked in it, my baby has the most beautiful nap

I am glad we live in an era of globalization and finding the finest of wrap which suited her delicate skin was not that difficult. I had access to internet for research, reach to specialized malls and shops catering to baby needs and thus I managed to find the perfect one for my little angel.

4. Soap
Skin needs its moisture, and yet needs be cleaned
Soap can make it dry, thus I have gleaned
How do I solve this dilemma - to do or not to lather
And I found the one soft as feather

My quest for finding the soap which could effectively clean my baby's skin, and yet leaves it supple and smooth retaining its delicacy resulted in the specialized all in one liquid soap. Simply love the texture of this product which is specially designed to let skin retain its beauty while effectively cleaning it of dirt and germs.

3. Lotion
Soap as much as soft it could be
A touch of moisturizer certainly helps
For a bit of dryness can irritate the skin
But a lotion can bring back the grin

Howsoever smooth a soap can be, yet it is a soap. Post the bath, it is our ritual to apply the specialized baby lotion and cream. A fair application of this makes sure that her skin regains any lost moisture and remains soft and shiny.

2. Oil
Little massage with baby oil
Is all the kiddo needs
It makes the little body strong
And skin soft, singing a song

And before the bath my baby has the ritual of a quick oil-massage with her favorite olive oil. This age old tradition I believe is a fantastice way of connecting with the new born. I have done it for her and the connection you feel with your child is impossbile to describe in mere words. For the love it conveys and for the skin repairing and replenshing effect it has, this is a must item in our list.

1. Pampers
The skin needs its cover, thus the need of clothing
But not the artificial synthetic ones, 
Only a few can provide the protection
Yet be soft and Pamper the skin without abrasion

Like all new parents, we experimented a lot with various options for underwear - from the cotton nappies to all sorts of diapers. Cotton nappies though good for skin - had the issue of keeping child wet through the night if they wet the bed (which they do at that age!). And this could cause cold and other issues. The synthatic cloth material of many diapers did not suit the skin of our baby at all and she developed rashes - till we found and started using Pampers. These are made of premium material and our daughter was super comfortable in them until she graduated to being an active potty-trained toddler. 

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

And yes, we also make sure the clothing material of our daughter's dresss is natural cotton in summers or natural wool in winters. Synthetic material though is cheap - and looks trendy - is no good for the soft skin. Cool cotton is what brings the best of being chic - and protected - for our daughter's skin.

0. Love
Nothing can be more important than the touch of love
Baby knows how to feel before she can talk
She needs to know she is cared about
The umpteen kisses and love, she needs without a doubt

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we all parents strive for our kids. I guess, the most important ingredient in this is a healthy soul - which is nourished & nurtured with care and love. Little random acts of togetherness supplement this bond between the child and the parents - and without a doubt is the founding ground on which a healthy child, with a radiant skin can thrive.


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