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When did I start, I do not recall,
But continuously walked alone, as moments crawled
I have been wandering in a relentless quest,
In endless search, with not a minute's rest
What am I looking for a peek,
What is this thing that I seek?
Is it treasures and riches,
Is worldly wealth what my SELF wishes?
Or is it the hunger of power,
That it wishes on itself shower?
If these are not what I desire,
Then what is that I aspire?

A friend's love remains missing,
This is what I've been wishing!
A friend who promises that souls are pledged,
A friend without words who is expressed,
A willingness to listen, a pair of helping hands,
A whisper from the heart that someone understands...
Is such a friend I desire exists only in dreams?
No, difficult it may be, impossible never seems,
For, there's something priceless I offer -
To a true friend that I decipher,
Love, understanding and my care is what I will give,
And above all a promise of friendship till I live!!


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