How I make my mornings golden!

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They say that a good start ensures a great day. Certainly this cannot be argued against. Without that dose of energy at the beginning of my day, I feel lethargic throughout the day. I thus make sure that mornings get a kick-start and a positive vibe every day.

I am lucky enough to have an internal body clock which wakes me up around the same time every day. First thing on my agenda is to put some good music - mostly Hindustani classical. Beautiful golden voices of Pt. Jasraj are definitely a mood booster for me.

With music in the background, it is time for daily chores. Of course, Colgate is there to help to make #Colgate360GoldMornings with their new Colgate 3260 Charcoal Gold toothbrush.With a good rinse and cleaning of teeth, I ensure I am awake enough!

And then it is time for a dash of honey with warm water and a flake of garlic (they say it keeps cholesterol in control). And with a bowl of cork-flakes, my favorite fruit, and freshly cooked breakfast I am ready for the show!

I guess mornings without a sumptuous breakfast are meaningless. A healthy wholesome breakfast brings your alive and makes sure your body copes up with the daily grind of life. The rigamarole becomes easy to live by with a healthy body.

I also make sure first thing in my morning I make a list of my todos for the day. I use Asana for this and it helps me focus on the most important things I need to without having to worry if I have missed anything important. Before I started penning down my list, I remember I used to stress myself with worrying about all that I had to do in the course of the day. Mentally re-iterating the tasks made it work. The list keeps me focused.

Thus prepped with the sound start I am ready to make my mornings truly golden by achieving best value out of my time. Isn't time worth every ounce of gold? Keeping my list handy and equipped with the time I have enough to spare for my personal indulgences. This sets the tone of my day ahead. My nightly day-recall almost always confirms that starting my day on a golden note ensures that my day is well spent throughout.

Now I am thinking of the way I can make this routine better. May be I should wake up a tad early to sneak a short Yoga session. Or maybe I should start that morning run again. I have always felt that mornings are therapeutic - adrenalin rush due to that spike in hormonal activity on account of exercise is very refreshing. I have missed on this for sometime now, but I guess it is time again for some morning exercise, covering few miles, playing a round of badminton - thus truly making my mornings golden.


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