Imitating others, wanting shiny things

Proud, powerful, arrogant, entitled

Meek, weak, fearful, soft

Melodious, sweet, harmony

This world is indeed a Zoo!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Nothing is impossible
I can do anything
Colors new I can create
Sounds new I can invent
Dreams - what they are - for
I make them reality
Brash, arrogant, proud, energetic
Unstoppable, emotional
What a crazy stage Youth is!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Heartbreaking it is that
People who are around us
We take then for granted
Courtesy, patience we reserve for strangers
But have no time for true friends

What a wonderful world it could be
If we pause and stop running
If we notice people around
If we are Xenial to everyone, plenty abound!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.

You are lovely, you are beautiful
You are weak, you are strong
You are meek, you are ferocious
You are simple, you are complex
You are many contrasts
You are many colors
You are many hues
You are many fragrances
In many things you are
And in many you are not -
Woman, you make this world worth living!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Not in winning, not in fighting
Not in battles, not in war
Not in gallantry, none in bravery
Never in anything outside
Victory is.

In capturing our thoughts
Taming our mind
In being responsible for our action
In owning up mistakes
In admitting failures
True Victory happens even when we loose!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
How sad it is
That simple things in life
Like clean water
Fresh air
Good food
Open lands
How simple things have become a dream for us
How just dreaming about them is reality
How their reality has become just Utopia!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Tiny drops of water
Flowing down the cheeks
Tell a story truer
Than one speaks

Pain, guilt, happiness, joy
In all emotions they appear
Strange is the bond
Between them they share

You cry out loud
And calm you are
Strange their ways
Indeed they are

These tiny many drops
Have an infinite supply
When your heart swells with emotion
Let these Tears flow by!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Rosy, balmy, peachy
Sandal, cinnamon, citrus
Ethereal, apple, vanilla,
Jasmine, opium, mist
Is it not amazing how certain Scents
Preserve our memories, embalmed for eternity
How they suddenly unwrap the fizz of emotions
Carefully preserved in layers so subtlety
How Scents to sublime
Bring about the deepest of our emotions -
Make us happy, sad, joyful, in-love, over-love!
Wonderful they truly are in their magic
How they spread and touch
How they make us wonder and marvel at Nature!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
The dreams we weave
The horizons we seek
Things which are not there
Figments of our imagination
How they come together
How they bring about
The rhythm in cacophony
The pattern in discord
The harmony in chaos
The rainbow is colors
How imaginary ghosts scare more
How pain and joy bring words mere
How things so surreal
Come about, to make our reality!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
I am no Hercules
I cannot run a sprint
I am no Midas, I cannot print monies
I am no artist, I cannot weave stories
I am no singer, I cannot sing sonnets
I am no painter, I cannot paint dreams
But with no power, no talent - I still have something
I care, I empathize, I love, I give
I work, I play
My heart feels
I give way, I respect
I trust, I do not cheat
Yes - I do have these values
I do not need riches to be a gentlemen, my dear
When I have these subtle things in my Quiver

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
You are a good friend
You remind me I am human
You make sure I do not binge
You make sure I do not splurge
There is romance in your ways
The heart-ache when she is far
You are bitter sweet in those moments
You make me tough, you make me rough
You keep me grounded in my wild times
You help me discover the mushy me
You come, you go, you take care of balance
You, dear Pain, are indeed a good friend!

This is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Many a thoughts, many a words
Many stories, many songs
Many colors, many hues
There are a million lies I can weave
There are a zillion wraps I can cover
But no matter what I say
But no matter what I try
You have a way of knowing what is going on
You have the connection to my soul
You know the triggers
You know the fears
No matter how dressed up I am
My love, my soul and heart are always Naked with you!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z challenge 2016.
I have the words, I have the thoughts
I have the pen, I have the paper
I have the dictionary, I have the thesaurus
I have the diction, I have the fiction
I have the craze, I have the daze,
I have the might, I think I am bright
Without you my love,
I cannot, just cannot write
Why are you amused that you are my Muse!

This post is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Your fragrance
Your shine
The way you caress
The way you dress
Your gait
Your wait
Gleam in your eyes
The curves
The hugs
I lust you Sweetheart, do not I?

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge.
Reading books, seeking truth
Mind churning facts
Loads of information
The world wide web
I thought I knew it all, I thought I had it
And then I met the world
The unforgiving way of life unfurled
I used everything I had
But facts did not help
Neither did the web
I realized little did I know
My epiphany was what I knew was shallow
True knowledge is in knowing I do not know

This post is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
In simple things, in unknown realms
In a day's toil
In the smells of soil
In the sounds of rain
In the whistle of arriving train
In the warmth of Sun
In the exhilaration of a run
In the rustle of trees
In the song of the bees
In the fragrance of flowers
In the balm of the shower
In that extra minute with my love
In the long flights of dove
There is something which cannot be told
There is something which we can only behold
I guess that is what needs to be experienced
I guess that is what we call true Joy!

This my my contribution to the A to Z Challenge 2016.
I am simple, I am complex
I am a sum of my reflex
I am fear, I am courage
I am weak, I am strong,
I am right, I am also wrong
I thought I was complete
I thought I had it all
But then You came
You taught me I was naive
I lost I
I got We
I love you, I love We
Can anything better be?

This is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Shivering in cold, with a dead stare
Broken will, lifeless eyes, river by the side
Stared at his silohoute in water
He contemplated ending it all
Started raining and it brought more pain
Why drag, what's the point
Then he heard the hustle bustle
What's that noise?
Chitter chatter few children playing in the puddle
Jumping laughing and then one fell
And cried that child in pain
He shrugged - so much pain, yet in vain
Yet, he could not help but look in the eyes
There was a connection, a spark
In that moment when things were not dark
The kid still crying, he did not know what happened
He went ahead, lifted him
Patted him, and talked
The child asked if he was angel
Surprised he was - asked why?
Because I was praying for my angel for help!
Yeah, I am he said to him
(No you are to me - inner voice said)
There was a Halo suddenly around them

This post is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Shall I have one, or shall I have two
Would it matter, if I have this one and the next one too?
Sweet, and round, crisp and brown
Mushy and soft, choice I am caught
Caramel, honey, custard, vanilla
Choco-chip, walnut, cashew voila!
With milk, with coffee,
With ice-cream, with cream
O my, what do I do?
Shall I have one, or shall I have two
These cookies - do they make you greedy too?

This poem is my contribution to A to Z challenge 2016.
Candy, O' my dear candy
Orange, purple, green and blue
Aren't you so dandy
Sweet you are so true!

O little sphere
What do you fear?
The aroma I reckon
Sour you are dear lemon!

That burning sensation
Fire on my tongue
I ate you whole silly
Hot you are dear Chilly!

You are so missed when not there
Not too little, not too much I do care
Tempting you are yet to gentle
Salty you are young  Pretzel!

Not a great friend, yet we need you
Balance you bring, that's a clue
Strange addictive flavor you see
Bitter you are my Coffee

So many flavors, so different they are
Like colors of rainbow you need them all
Bitter-sweet, sweet-n-sour
Colorless would world be without your sprawl!

This poem is my contribution towards A to Z Challenge 2016.
I do not get it, just do not
How thinking about you can be so distracting
How our togetherness can be so astounding
How the longing becomes yearning,
How the yearning becomes craving
How the sweet nothings we share become a song of joy
How your little smiles play with my heart as your ploy

I do not get it, just do not
If you are around,
My life is indeed abound
But when even for a moment you get away
I miss you so much I cannot convey
How the world wither away when your sad
But suddenly becomes colorful when you are glad

I do not get it, just do not
I love you more when you are there
Or I miss you more when you are not
Baby, you make me complete by just being there
And, you do that with that special flair
I know how I skip a heartbeat when you I touch
I guess that is what true joy is, cannot describe as much!

I do not get it, just do not
Why the adjectives fall short, language crumbles
When I try to tell you my love in my words humble
Your warmth and love how it fills my heart
How incomplete I was and how you make me whole
How I feel our hearts belong to one soul
I do not get it, just do not
Pure ecstasy, I guess is what you are,
My shining star, be there with me, never too far!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Dear honey, often I wonder
Drunk how I am in your love
Desire you only is what I feel
Defy I will everything that's my deal
Delighted I am when you are around
Dizzy I am when you are not
Daffodils I bring for you for our spring
Dance with you makes my heart sing
Definite it is I will be lost without you
Deep in my heart I love you
Downhill in love I have fallen
Darling, you are the reason, I am,
Dreams with you I weave, that's all I can!

This poems is my contribution to A to Z challenge.
O daddy, why do you go to office?
I wanna know
Why do you work on laptop
When I wanna play?
I wanna know
I have so many questions, do you have time?
I don't know who to ask, will you chime?
I know you will tell me
Why sky is blue or leaves green
But I still wonder if Rainbow is real
I love painting, but who painted rainbow
I wanna know

O my child, colors come from love
When we care about each other
There is magic which casts spell
There is nothing much to dwell
I know you are curious, go ask me questions
You make me wonder about nature
Something I often miss in my rigmarole
But together let us seek answers
Yesterday you were little baby,
Now you have questions for me!
How do you learn so fast and grow faster?
I wanna know

This poem is written in response to A to Z Challenge.
There are few moments, unnoticed
Moments when a lie is easy, but truth is spoken
When shrugging is easy, but responsibility is taken
Moments insignificant in what happens
But leave a mark on the hearts
Moments which get forgotten in oblivion
But weave a story remembered even in Elysium
Stories which become yore when retold
Stories which mark the Becoming of a man

This poem is written in response to A to Z Challenge 2016.
Amazing it is all journeys start with small steps
Aweinspiring ocean of water fills with small drops
A thing to wonder all small things matter so much
And the big matters are actually small?
Even more strange we know this, yet we toil in despair
Whiling away time on things that do not matter
When the precious life slips slowly
Yet, never too late to wake-up
Never too late to try one more time
May be this time I will find my rhythm
May be this time I will act on my thoughts
May be, just may be this time I will more than my words!

This post is my contribution to A-to-Z Challenge.