#atozchallenge - Curious

O daddy, why do you go to office?
I wanna know
Why do you work on laptop
When I wanna play?
I wanna know
I have so many questions, do you have time?
I don't know who to ask, will you chime?
I know you will tell me
Why sky is blue or leaves green
But I still wonder if Rainbow is real
I love painting, but who painted rainbow
I wanna know

O my child, colors come from love
When we care about each other
There is magic which casts spell
There is nothing much to dwell
I know you are curious, go ask me questions
You make me wonder about nature
Something I often miss in my rigmarole
But together let us seek answers
Yesterday you were little baby,
Now you have questions for me!
How do you learn so fast and grow faster?
I wanna know

This poem is written in response to A to Z Challenge.