#atozchallenge - Ecstasy

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I do not get it, just do not
How thinking about you can be so distracting
How our togetherness can be so astounding
How the longing becomes yearning,
How the yearning becomes craving
How the sweet nothings we share become a song of joy
How your little smiles play with my heart as your ploy

I do not get it, just do not
If you are around,
My life is indeed abound
But when even for a moment you get away
I miss you so much I cannot convey
How the world wither away when your sad
But suddenly becomes colorful when you are glad

I do not get it, just do not
I love you more when you are there
Or I miss you more when you are not
Baby, you make me complete by just being there
And, you do that with that special flair
I know how I skip a heartbeat when you I touch
I guess that is what true joy is, cannot describe as much!

I do not get it, just do not
Why the adjectives fall short, language crumbles
When I try to tell you my love in my words humble
Your warmth and love how it fills my heart
How incomplete I was and how you make me whole
How I feel our hearts belong to one soul
I do not get it, just do not
Pure ecstasy, I guess is what you are,
My shining star, be there with me, never too far!

This poem is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.


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