#atozchallenge - Flavors

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Candy, O' my dear candy
Orange, purple, green and blue
Aren't you so dandy
Sweet you are so true!

O little sphere
What do you fear?
The aroma I reckon
Sour you are dear lemon!

That burning sensation
Fire on my tongue
I ate you whole silly
Hot you are dear Chilly!

You are so missed when not there
Not too little, not too much I do care
Tempting you are yet to gentle
Salty you are young  Pretzel!

Not a great friend, yet we need you
Balance you bring, that's a clue
Strange addictive flavor you see
Bitter you are my Coffee

So many flavors, so different they are
Like colors of rainbow you need them all
Bitter-sweet, sweet-n-sour
Colorless would world be without your sprawl!

This poem is my contribution towards A to Z Challenge 2016.


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